Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope that everyone has had a happy and healthy Easter.  My family celebrates on Monday so it was just my husband and I today.  We had a fairly low key day.  I took the dog for a walk this morning, it was my first walk in a week and my bronchitis is still with me!. We were gone about 20 minutes or so when my chest got quite wheezy and I realized that I had left my inhaler at home on the desk.  I knew that my awesome hubby was going to come looking for us and pick us up between minutes 30 and 45 as he didn't want me to push it too much.  I sent him a quick text asking him to grab my inhaler before he left the house to pick us up.

I have to admit, I was relieved to see him pull up along side us at 36 minutes.   We had walked 2.5 Kilometers and I was short of breath and wheezing, almost at that point just before an asthma attack.  I HATE asthma attacks.  They scare the life out of me.  I put the dog in the car and my hubby handed me the inhaler.  A couple of puffs, and five minutes later I was able to talk almost normally.  I was coughing a lot and probably sounded like a heavy smoker, but I was good.

This afternoon was just too lovely to be sitting in the house doing nothing so we decided to take the dog and go for a drive.  We left with no particular destination in mind, just took some country roads, a couple we hadn't gone down before and low and behold we found ourselves at the dyke near Yarrow.   We grabbed the leash and off we walked for a half hour along the dyke.  Another 2km's and I was completely satisfied with our activity level today :-)

On the drive home we went past our favorite spot for ice cream and I was willing to spend the points on a treat but they were closed.  Probably for the better, but we noted the distance for during the spring, one Saturday or Sunday the dog and I will walk to the dairy and meet up with my hubby there. 

I had a great NSV (non scale victory) last night, our next door neighbour invited us over for dinner, and I was very careful with my portion sizes, measuring everything out.  Our neighbour had bought each of us (there were 8 of us all together) little chocolate bunnies and after dinner a few people tore into their bunnies, I looked at the package and decided I didn't want it.  As we were getting up from the table I asked one of the other guests if he would like to take my bunny with him.   I was so grateful when he took it.  Desert was served a little while later and it was berry crumble, one of my favorites.  I asked for a small piece but without ice cream.  I love Berry Crisp and Ice Cream.  I felt very pleased with myself for not taking the ice cream and only eating half of my Berry Crumble.

It isn't always easy to make the right choices, but when you do, it sure does feel good! :-)

Total steps today12,230!  Woohoo!

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