Saturday, March 28, 2015

Getting "me" out of my head.

I've been struggling this week. Struggling with my running. Struggling with staying on plan. Just struggling.  I've made some pretty poor food choices and I've made some bad decisions in general. I didn't go to run clinic on Thursdsy. I had a bad day, had a headache was frustrated and running late so instead of making myself pick up the pace and getting there I gave myself permission not to go. 

Part of my reason for not getting there was the dog. Yes the dog. After I was done work I took him for a walk around the big block, 3K and on our way back across the green space at the top of the complex he did something he has never done before. He dropped onto his back and rolled in the grass. 

I have to admit, I thought it was cute and I did stand there and smile at him As he rolled side to side to side grunting away.  That is until he stood up and I was able to see what he'd been rolling in!
Looking oh so pleased with himself.
Yep. That would be animal dung. Most likely from the new cat that has been driving him crazy. But doesn't he look happy!  Unfortunately Petsmart was fully booked and couldn't fit him for an emergency bath.  I found some dog shampoo under the sink. We don't usually bath Angus ourselves when he has his winter coat. His type of fur is very hard to get wet. His breed of dog has a double coat of fur so the water in general just beads off him.  Forty minutes after his bath started he was finished (I think I was just as wet as he was). The bathroom looked like it had been hit by a water squall and Angus was out on the front deck to dry. 
I'm not talking to you, you gave me a bath!

I have a 10 mile run on my training plan this week and to be honest it scares me a little lot.  My half marathon is just 5 weeks away and I'm starting to doubt myself. Doubt my abilities. Ask myself what I think I'm doing? Who am I kidding?

I have 7 days left to make a decision on whether or not to change my half marathon down to the 8K. I don't want to downgrade but I'm facing a harsh reality. 

Having bronchitis and not being able to run has really messed up my training. I went into training in January with the goal of running 10:1 so that I could join a pace group and try to keep the group in sight.  At this point I'm struggling to run 2:1's. I start coughing and I can't catch my breath.

I had to bale on my 8 mile run last week at mile 3 because the wind was so strong I couldn't catch my breath. I'm very grateful that my wonderful husband keeps his phone nearby in case he gets that please pick me up call.

A beautiful day, however the wind was at 30 KPH

My hat kept flying off my head, even when it was backwards.

I'm feeling very demotivated right now.  I know that's my own problem. I'm the one talking negative to myself.  I"m the one doubting my abilities and questioning what I'm doing.   I have to find a way to get "ME" out of my head. 

How do you deal with your own negativity?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Shamrock 'n' Race recap

Sunday I faced my largest challenge yet with running. I did the Try Events Shamrock'n'Race 7 miler. I think I've said this before but I love doing races put on by Try Events. They are smaller races, a few hundred people but I love them. The atmosphere is fun, they take great care with the races and I love the items you get with your race.

Race bib, shamrock socks and discount coupon
They also make it easier for beginning and slow runners to enjoy the race. The 7 mile race is once around the lake and the half marathon is two loops of the lake. 

I knew by the time I reached the 2K mark that I was the caboose, but I didn't let it bother me at all. I knew I was going to have to take my time as I was coughing my head off as I was going and it eventually got to the point where I was walking as much as I was running so I could catch my breath.  

The benefit of being the caboose, clear path for most of the way.

I decided to take my time and enjoy the scenery.  I was hoping to finish in two hours or less, however I didn't quite make my goal. My Garmin time was 2:08:58. 

The best shirt I've seen at a race yet!
I loved how the volunteers were cheering everyone on. I so enjoy the camaraderie  at the events. I was about an hour and a half into it when the first half marathoners passed me. Even though they were moving fast there was still the nod as they went by. 

The closer I got to the end the more half marathoners were passing me and yelling good job as they ran past. Even though I was the last 7 miler to make it across the finish line I felt really good!  Someone has to be last! (125 of 125)

At the car when i was done.

I love when I'm running down the chute towards the finish line and the announcer welcomes you back and congratulates you on a good job.

My cousin Carolee and I before the race (she was doing the 5k) and after with our "Bling"
This is my second time doing the Shamrock 'n' Race and I really do think I'll be back for next years race. 

Post Race relaxing on the couch with my awesome husband who drives me to all of my races.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Running naked...well not really.

It has been three weeks since my last run.  I had an extremely busy couple of weeks at work and came down with bronchitis. Running has been out of the question. I've been sick, tired and lacking the ability to breath properly, thus I haven't been able to run. 

I am getting very nervous as I'm now three weeks behind in my half marathon training. And only 57 days until race day. 

I had a 5K race on the schedule for today.  The Vancouver Hot Chocolate. My cousin Carolee had signed up for it as well. Awesome husband drive us and we picked Carolee up at her house before making our way to The as Stanley Park Pavilion and the race. 

It was Carolee's first race and I'm so glad that she made it this one. It's a smaller race with a 5K and 10.4k distance. 

It was great to experience the start of the race through her eyes, we started off together but before long I encouraged her to go on ahead as I was taking my time. 

We had planned to do 2:1's for the race, we texted back and forth last night. I set my Garmin and we were ready to go. Until I realized half way to the race that I had left my Garmin at home.  This is the first race I was doing naked. And I didn't like it!  I didn't like not knowing my intervals.  I didn't like not knowing my pace and I didn't like not knowing how long I had been running.  

Carolee and I passed each other at the turn around point with high fives and we both continued on ways. Carolee was about 5 minutes ahead of me.  

I started struggling at the half way point with my breathing and I began coughing in earnest. When I reached the 4 kilometre mark I was walking more than running but I kept going the best that I could. I decided to walk up the last hill and the run through to the finish line. I was really happy to cross the finish line and see my awesome husband, his friend Dan and our cousin Carolee. 

Carolee and I have another race next  Sunday. We'll be doing the Green Sick Shamrock and Race. Carolee will be doing a 5K and I'll be doing the 7 miler. I'm hoping my lungs will be better and it will be an easier race to run breathing wise. 

I will also ensure that I'm not running  "naked" next week!