Monday, July 11, 2011

Hi There~~~~

It's me the infamous missing Katie. I've been around, just not blogging. Pretty much because I don't have anything to blog about. Weight loss has stopped, exercise has stopped and I got tired of my own whining so why make anyone else listen to it or read about it?

It's been a rough few months, injury to my knee in March knocked me out of the gym, the thing was, I didn't get back into the water. I had a bad experience and didn't want to go back.

Now, I have no choice, because the extremely klutzy Katie came and paid a visit a little over a month ago. The visit lasted only seconds, but the results are as blatant today as they were in the seconds after the visit.

You see, klutzy Katie, didn't lift her leg quite high enough when she was entering the back door, causing herself to trip over the sliding glass door runner, sending her flying into the bed where she knocked her pretty little head and landed in a heap with 300+ pounds landing on her left hip. This has resulted in a small fracture in the hip, a deep bone bruise and something going on with the muscle in my thigh that my doctor isn't paying attention to and is driving me crazy.

It is, I can't get into the driver seat of the car without having to pull my leg into the car, I can't lift it more than a couple of inches without hot stabbing pain in my thigh. It's not my hip, it's my thigh and no one is listening to me! It's driving me crazy. My husband wants me to go to a walk in clinic as my own family doctor has told me, "it's osteo arthritis, you just have to deal with it" I would believe him if the pain was in my hip, but it's no it's in my THIGH!!!!

Anyway, enough was enough last week when I stepped on the scale for my at home weigh in and I had gained another 8 pounds, a talk with my husband and about 60.00 later, I have started going back to Weight Watchers, I need the accountability. I need to know that someone is looking at my little book, and accessing how I'm doing. Note I said accessing, not judging, but I need that.

I also need to get moving again, walking isn't working right now and the Grouse Grind Goal I set for myself back in January, well that's going to have to wait as I can't lift my leg the height of a step.

But I'm here, I'm determined and this will happen.

Stay tuned. I'm around, I just get tired of my own whining. I hope you are all doing all right, I've got a lot of reading to make up for. Talk to you soon!