Monday, April 6, 2015

Hard Decisions

It is said that if a decision is hard to make, it's a decision worth making. The Vancouver BMO half Marathon is under a month away and I faced a hard decision about it.

I came down with bronchitis in mid February. Up until that point my training was on track. I was feeling good about my pace. I was feeling good about my runs. I was feeling good all around. 

It took a round of powerful antibiotics in order to start feeling better. However my training fell behind. I didn't run for almost three weeks  When I did get back out there it was slow. I couldn't run for more than a minute or two without coughing my lungs out. It was not good. It still isn't the greatest. 

After last week's blog post I had several comments and a few emails from reader's encouraging me to continue on.  I posted a link to my blog on my facebook page and some of my running friends messaged me.  They were concerned for me and how I was doing, and the expectations I was putting on myself.  I had 10 miles on my training plan for last weekend and come Monday morning,  I hadn't run them at all.  I was trying to get the umption in my gumption to get out there and start my run when I got a text from my friend and running mentor Jill.  We were texting back and forth for a few minutes when she called me.

The words she said helped me face the decision I knew I had to make but I didn't want to.  After talking to Jill I realized what I had to do.  I hung up from her and went through to the office where my husband was working and told him.  "I'm down grading my BMO to the 8K."   I knew he would be supportive of whatever decision I made and I knew that he had been concerned about me being able to do the half marathon with how bad my breathing was.

Once I made that decision, I felt a huge sense of relief.  I knew I was putting pressure on myself to do the half marathon because I had set that as a goal for myself, and I don't like giving up on goals.  However reality had set in. 

1. My lungs couldn't handle the pressure I was putting on them by trying to race.
2. Because I had to take so many walking breaks my pace was in the 21 minute a mile range.  You have to be stay under 18 minutes a mile or you get swept off of the course.
3. My training was over a month behind,  I was risking injury if I did race the half marathon
4. I would have been miserable and it would not have been a good experience.

Although they are all good reasons for doing the 8K instead of the half marathon, number 4 makes the most sense.  I want my first half marathon to be a good experience, I don't want it to be horrible and I quit running or choose never to challenge myself with another one.  I also need to be able to train properly for it.

It wasn't an easy decision for me to make, it was a hard one, and once I made it, I immediately signed onto the participant dashboard and changed my race.  Once it was done, it was done and I felt such a tremendous amount of relief.  I went for my run after making the decision and the run was fun, I wasn't worried about miles, I was just running and trying to control my breathing.  I did pretty good.  I was still coughing but I felt good.   

I know I've made the right decisionAs a result, my first half marathon will be the Rock'n'Roll Vancouver half marathon on October 29th.  I will be running it with Jill and perhaps a few other friends, and it promises to be a great experience.