Thursday, February 28, 2013

Holy Rain much????

I know I live on the "Wet Coast" but holy rain batman!  It's been raining pretty much since 8am this morning, and not just a light little sprinkle but a downpour most of the day.  I gave my umbrella to a train buddy this morning as she forgot her's and had several meetings she had to walk to in downtown and at that point it wasn't yet raining.  I knew I had another one in my desk drawer so I didn't think it was that big a deal.  Until the train pulled into the station, I got off the train and as I was walking to the escalator the heavens opened.  With no umbrella I decided to cheat and take the skytrain to work.  I can walk to work from the train station in about 14 minutes, the sky train takes bout 8 minutes, not much of a time savings but the pay off is the time spent outdoors.  The skytrain station I get off at is underground and when I get off and walk through the underground mall, I literally pop out across the street from my work buildings back door.  Nice and easy for when you don't want to arrive at work looking like  a drenched rat!

I've challenged myself to get out of my office and walk for at lest 30 minutes each day on my lunch.  I really, really, really debated doing it today.  It seemed like every time I looked out my office window, the rain was coming down sideways.  I'd look down onto the street (I'm on the 3rd floor) the water was running down the street.  I finally decided to heck with it, a little rain never hurt anyone right?  Right?  Well now it didn't hurt but I was soaken wet, and cold when I got back to the office from my walk. My umbrella was soaked, my jacket was soaked and my shoes were squelching there was so much water in them.  But I walked, for 32 minutes, I got up off of my chair and moved my body! 

When it came time to come home and I put my runners back on they were still quite wet so I figured what the heck, my feet are already wet and I need to get my daily steps in so I walked down to the train station.  Even with my umbrella I was a drowned rat by the time I got to the train.  The rain even affected my commute home as the train had to crawl along the tracks at a couple of places due to issues with the tracks.  I got into my home station cold, wet and hungry.  I decided to bypass my usual Thursday night gym workout and just go home I was feeling so miserable.

I got home and was starting to feel guilty about not going to the gym when I realized I had a workout at home I could do.  A few weeks ago at Costco I bought a kickboxing/killer abs dvd set and I hadn't yet cracked it open.  It's 1 20 minute workout so I could easily fit it in while dinner cooked.  I'm so glad I did!  I had such a good workout from it.  A much better choice then sitting on my butt on the coach feeling guilty.  Yeah for healthy choices!!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big fat Liar!

I am a big fat liar and I have to apologize. After saying I would be better at blogging, I didn't blog at all.  To be honest the work change was at first hard, longer hours to start with.  I leave the house at 610am and I get home around 630pm.  BUT I love what I'm doing and I would not change the last 10 months for anything in the world. 

I also wasn't blogging as I wasn't doing anything.  I was the queen of denial....I had NO time to work out..I didn't NEED to be accountable....I didn't HAVE to stay on track....   We all know how that goes and it just simply is BS.  Full of denials and excuses. 

Well I'm back on track.  I went back to Weight Watchers in January and started walking from the train to my office and back in the afternoon ( I had been taking the sky train so I only had to walk about a block.  I'm now walking a little over a kilometre each way).

I've been really successful since my return to WW and to my activity.  I still don't get to the gym often but I'm walking and I'm moving and to me that's what counts.  I found a great website called  it gives me a detailed map of where I can walk, tracks the mileage and when I get back I can enter my time and it tells me how hard I'm working.  I actually just downloaded their APP the other day so now it maps me when I walk with my phone in the my pocket.  The only problem is that I don't have an iphone or android so the app is a little shaky when mapping me out.  From looking at the map,  you would think I walk like a drunken sailor trying to find his sea legs :-)

Once I figure out how to embed the map I'll do so, but for now you'll have to take my word for it ;-)