Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rough Go of it...

...the past couple of weeks. I discovered that a concussion is not as easy to get over as I had originally thought. The dr. said I could go back to the gym after I was headache free for 3 days in a row. Well it's been three weeks and I've managed two days now, tomorrow will hopfully be three and then I'm back in the gym.

This has also been a very difficult week for me emotionally. I have two animals, a cat who I rescued 8 years ago and a dog. On monday I took Duncan, the cat, to the vets for some dental surgery. It should have been simple, I should have had him home that afternoon. Instead I got the call that my beloved Duncan had passed away.

It has been a very difficult week...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Injured Reserve List...

that's where I will be for the rest of this week and possibly into next week. I had a great workout at the gym yesterday. I did my elliptical and I was doing my weights when my common sense apparently took a holiday. In my weight lifting repertoire, I use what's called a "Heavy Bar". It's a metal bar used when doing various chest exercises. The Heavy bar weighs about eight pounds. So common sense, and practicality tells you that when you remove the pin from the weights to increase the weight, you either place your hand on the weights to keep the 2.5lb weight from flying up into the air, or you take the 8lb bar off, before you take the pin out. Well, somehow my common sense obviously got left behind on the elliptical, because I attach the bar to the over head pulley, then proceed to pull the pin out of the 30pound weight to move to the 60 pound weight. And guessed it, the weight went flying up, the bar came slamming down and hit me in the head, momentarily stunning me before I could get myself together, pulled the bar off of the cable, sending the weight slamming down on top of the other weights where I was able to rectify the situation.

Of course, I was mortified, because this had to happened in the free weight section with a bunch of the muscle men around. One guy who was doing the bench press did ask if I was all right, before he said "I bet that time, hold on to the bar!"

"Yep! I knew that already, really I did!" I know that you change the weight before you put the bar up on the cable. I just don't know what happened, or why I didn't.

Despite being mortified, I did finish out my work out, which I think may have impressed Mr. bench press. The headache to end all headaches, wasn't quite full blown. It didn't get to that point until we were halfway home. On my husband's insistence, I went to the doctor's this afternoon. My headache today is just about as bad as it was yesterday. I keep getting nauseous and light headed. Of course, the doctor tells me I have a mild concussion, to take it easy, no exercise for a few days, try not to bend over or lift anything heavy. If the headache doesn't go away in a week or so come back and see him, etc. etc. etc.

Oh joy! No working out which means almost positively a gain on top of the gain I had this week. Yes, I was up 4 pounds this week. Ask me how annoyed I was about that. I can pretty much chalk that up to water retention as I currently have no ankles, my socks are leaving crease marks in my legs and most of my shoes don't fit.

So everything combined...I'm done, stick a fork in me this week as I'm not allowed to do anything at all. Injured Reserve list...hopefully I can get off it quickly!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Holy Smackles!!!

what a week! It's been an intense week, that is for certain. I've managed to get in some really good quality gym time. I had Wednesday off so I really racked up the exercise, and made up for missing Monday and Tuesday. I headed up to the gym, did an hour on the Elliptical, did weights, stretching, then came home and took the dog on an 8km walk. It was great, it seemed the more I did the better I felt. Thursday night had me back at the gym where I got in a solid hour of cardio, a mix of Elliptical, track and stair climber. Today, I'm on afternoon shift so off I headed to the gym this morning. I got in 30minutes on the Elliptical, 45 minutes of weights,including in the free weight section...which I now own by the way! Take that mean men who think they can intimidate the fat chick! HA! I say HA! It was a great work out and I'm feeling really positive.

I did however make the mistake of weighing myself at the gym this morning, just out of curiosity sake and I was shocked. According to their scale, I've gained 4 pounds this week. I'm not bent out of shape about it yet, my official weigh in isn't until Sunday morning at my house, on my scale. However, how on earth could I have gained that much in a week, when my eating is good, I'm using almost all of my points (I'm struggling with using them all since the change to the new plan) but I'm only leaving 2-3 points behind. I'm getting in good solid intense workouts. I mean intense. I'm leaving the gym with my shirt clinging to me and my hair soaken wet. I'm just at a loss right now, but I'm not going to worry or stress until Sunday, then I'll sit down and analyse when and if I've gone wrong.

Until then, have a great day!!!!