Sunday, September 4, 2011

Been a while....

since I posted. I'm doing pretty good, I'm back into the swing of things and I'm enjoying it. My husband and I have joined a Gym! Yes, a real bonnified gym. It's a far cry from the REC centre that's for sure. There's no waiting for machines, no waiting for weights.

The gym is three levels. On the bottom level, they have more cardio equipment than I have ever seen before. There must be at least 30 treadmills, 30 ellipticals, 15 stair climbers, 15 bikes. I've been there when the parking lot is full but it's not packed it's amazing! The second level of the building is the weight zone. They have got three of every machine! THREE!! They have a tonne of free weights, the have three sections for the circuit. There is no waiting for anything and none of the intimidation that I felt at the Rec centre. It is great, then just for us ladies, on the Third floor, that's our area, we have a cardio area with a lot of equipment, we have a circuit area and we have a free weight area.

The best part for me, is they have actual change rooms! At the REC Centre, there were no change rooms, you had to go into a bathroom stall to change. At this gym, they have hundreds of lockers, they have 12 shower stalls (including a handicapped stall) there is a ladies Sauna in there as well, there are two large private change rooms in the back ( if you're modest like me, or rather afraid of people seeing me in all my glory). They have even provided hair dryers. There's 10 of them around the dressing room.

It's a great gym, and I'm really enjoying going there. I've just printed of their class schedule (their classes are actually included!) I'm thinking I may just take my chances and attend a Zumba class....maybe we better not test fate yet. The leg isn't 100% yet but it's getting there.

I hope you all enjoyed your summer, now that fall is coming, it's time to get back into the swing of things.

Take care my to you soon!