Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I've always been a sensitive person.  I cry at those cheesy Folgers coffee  commercials at Christmas.  You know the ones where the brother comes home from college and makes a pot of coffee?  I cry at movies and tv shows when a character dies or some such thing.  I care about people, especially those that I am close to. 

It isn't always easy to deal with and I know that I'm an emotional eater.  Not when I'm angry or someone is angry with me.  I don't like confrontation and it often leaves me with a knot in my stomach and I can go days without eating when that happens.

When I'm sad, well that's a different story.  Give me chocolate, chips, ice cream whatever. 

The past few days have been really hard for me.  I'm dealing with a lot of conflicting emotions and I'm trying my best not to eat the emotions but I'm honestly not making the best decisions.

I was working a multi day event this weekend with a great group of collegues, people I consider to be my friends.  I had seen them all on Saturday while at the event, but as I was the opening shift, they were the closing shift, I left the venue around 2pm with plans to meet up with my friends back at the hotel for dinner. 

About the time I was expecting them to arrive back at our hotel I received a call that they had been in an accident.  Five of them were in the same car and they had a collision with another vehicle.  My knee jerk reaction was to go to them.  Ascertain where they were and just go to them.  Help them, soothe them, do whatever I could for them. 

Ultimately I stayed at the hotel and coordinated with our manager and director, made calls, and texted back and forth.  Packed up their hotel room and made arrangements for their belongings to get back to them. 

I didn't have time to process anything at the time other than just keep working, keep doing things, we had one more day of the event to get through and I worked to get through it.  I didn't let myself dwell on the what could have been's or anything else.  I knew that everyone was going to be all right, everyone was released from the hospital and they were all at home with their loved ones.

I didn't really start to react until Monday for some reason.  Perhaps I was too exhausted from all of the hours I had put in, keeping myself busy.  When I went to work on Monday we had a staff meeting to talk about what had happened and to be updated on how everyone was.   During the staff meeting I started crying.  I kept telling everyone I was fine, I was just tired.  It was after the staff meeting that I broke into the "Emergency" chocolate that we keep in our area for the sugar fix when we need it to get through an event.

I'm trying very hard not to eat my emotions.  I've either spoken with or texted with those who were involved in the accident, I know that they are all right and will heal in time, but I'm still not making the best choices.  I'm struggling and I know that I'm going to pay for that on the scale this week.

How that will effect me?  It's too early to tell. I'm trying desperately to not allow it to effect me, but I know that it will. 

I guess I just had to write about this tonight, to reach out into the vast unknown and admit that I'm struggling. Something I don't like to admit to myself at all.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ready to run again

It's been a couple of months since I hit the reset button and things are still going well.  It's been a bit of a challenge the past couple of weeks as I've been going through some personal stuff that I won't discuss here.  I only mention it as I'm proud of how well I've been handling things.

I've been under a lot of pressure and stress and what I've learned is paying off.  I had a major weight loss this week.  Although I've asked not to be told my weight, the receptionist today did tell me that I had done very, very good and I should be proud.

I appreciated her kind words, as it did make me feel a little bit better about how I've handled dealing with the stuff going on.

My husband and I had a stay-cation this week,  we had several appointments throughout the week but we were able to spend quality time with each other which has been great.  September was such a busy month for me with work, and I've also had quite a busy October as well, as I get two more of my events up and running.  My third event has it's first committee meeting this week, and I'm helping out with our Hockey for Alzheimer's event as well in a couple of weeks.

Our stay-cation was much needed quality R&R time with each other and I'm very grateful to have had the time for it.

My ankle is feeling much better, it's been a few weeks since it has ached so I'm going to slowly start back to running this week.  I looked up my old running chart from when I first joined the learn to run clinic a year and  a half ago, so I have that to follow until a new run clinic starts in January.

Last week was the Rock' n 'Roll  1/2 Marathon that I had registered for.  I wasn't able to run it so when I went to pick up my kit with my friend Jill, I signed up for next year's run so that I have a half marathon goal to shoot for.

I'm excited about getting back to running and I'm looking forward to it as well.  I'm hoping that it will be a stress reliever for me and I'll be able to run away the stress that I've been feeling.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Reset is working.

So three weeks ago I hit the rest button on my weight loss journey.  I'm very happy to report that on my Saturday weigh in I was down again.  I don't know how much I was down, but I was down and that's what is important.

It's been a challenging weekend for me with food this weekend. I haven't made the best food choices but I've tracked everything I've eaten and I'm happy for it.  I may not have any weekly flex points left after today's family bbq, but I had everything in moderation and enjoyed myself. 

I think I probably over estimated my points but that's a good thing.

This is a crazy busy week for me at work as I have a packed schedule.  Tuesday will be a challenge.  I have one of those rare 12 hour days as I have a morning of meetings and then a committee meeting for my upcoming event.  It's our last meeting before the event happens so I baked a banana bread to take with me to feed everyone.  I am taking my chopped salad for lunch and dinner, cereal for Breakfast and I have a banana, orange and some prune plums for snacking on.

By the way, if you're in the Metro Vancouver, Lower Mainland area, and want to join a great fitness event for a great cause, consider joining us on September 27th at Grouse Mountain.  The website for full details is

I won't be actually doing the Grouse Grind as I'm the Special Events Officer.  I'll be the one keeping everything on track and ensuring that it all goes smoothly.  If you do happen to join us, stop at the check in tent and ask them to find me.  I'd love to say hello and thank you for coming out!  

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hitting the rest button.

I came to a humbling realization two weeks ago, and with the great support of my Weight Watchers leader Mare (The best leader ever!)  I have hit the reset switch.  We reset my weight watcher information.  I hated seeing my pounds lost shrink as I've been dealing with my ankle injury and medication changes.  It was getting harder and harder to go to my meetings.  It was getting harder to face the same people week after week, knowing that I was gaining week.

I couldn't face seeing that number shrink, so we hit the reset switch.  I've reset my weigh watchers journey.  I've reset my activity.  I've hit the reset switch and I'm feeling good about it.

The first week of my reset I was down.  I don't know how much as I've asked not be given my number.  I don't want to know.  I just want to know if I am up or down.

When I'm feeling comfortable in my skin again. I may ask for the booklet I should have for recording my weight, but at this point I don't want it.

I think I've done pretty good this week as well. I'm tracking everything.  Every BLT (bite, lick and taste) get tracked before it goes in my mouth.

I'm already feeling better in my head space about my journey and I'm glad that I've hit the reset switch.   I'm even more glad for that stubborn streak I appear to have that kept me from quiting!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Wow where did the summer go?

My goodness where did the summer go?  It's been a busy summer and a frustrating one at the same time.

My ankle is taking its sweet time healing and I've been very frustrated with it. I haven't been able to run for so long now that I'll have to start all over again when I can run again. 

I've had to drop out of multiple races, although I did walk one race last weekend with my husband and cousin.  

We did the inaugural PNE Donut dash. A 5k race on opening weekend of the PNE. It was a hot muggy day but we had fun. I had to encourage my husband and cousin to go on without me as the further into the race we went the slower I  got as my ankle hurt. 

It was a great race and we had a blast ding it. It was really neat to be able to go around the fairgrounds before it was open. 

The race jig jagged through the park. The different characters from the shows at the fair were along the route to cheer you on. As you went down the fairway on one side you were handed bags of cotton candy. On the other side you were given little bags with 5 hot fresh mini donuts. When you crossed the finish line you got the ultimate in bling.  A beautiful medal, the largest one I have received to date. 

With your race kit you also received an entry to to the park. We decided to stay and go to the Beatles exhibit at the fair. Gary is a huge Beatles fan and we all really enjoyed it. 

All in all it was a great day.  A week later and my ankle is still sore, but it is hopefully getting better. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015


I'm frustrated, so very, very frustrated.  My ankle has taken it's sweet time healing.  It's been seven weeks since I had to drop out of the Vancouver BMO.  I got the clearance to start running again last week.  I'm allowed to run for 30 seconds and then walk for 4 minutes.

I went for my first attempt at running after six weeks and I was thankful I was only running for thirty seconds as that's all I could handle.  I was huffing and puffing like a steam locomotive.  It has amazed me how quickly I've gotten out of shape.  I'm frustrated to be starting over again and already I'm doubting whether I'll be able to train in time for the Vancouver Rock'N'Roll half marathon in October.

I'm frustrated by my weight gain.  I've gained weight every week for the past seven weeks.  I didn't go to Weight Watchers last Saturday as I was volunteering at the Abbotsford Police Challenge Run.  To be honest I didn't want to weigh in.  It's the same with this Saturday.  I don't want to go to  WW.  I know I'm going to be up.  I weighed myself this morning.  I know what the number is going to be and it's a number that I haven't seen in almost three years and that terrifies me.  I've gained over ten pounds since March.

I'm frustrated with myself.  I've been working from home since March as our office undergoes renovations and it has not been good for me.  I don't get my activity in, my chair is literally four steps to the kitchen and a plethora of snack foods.  It's not all bad food, but when you eat just for the sake of eating this is the result.

I'm frustrated with my clumsiness.  I re-joined the gym on Monday, with the knowledge that my running friend and car pool buddy goes to the gym religiously and if I go with her, then I'll get my weight moving again.  I went on Monday night after work, had a good work out using the elliptical, I worked up a sweat, I had fun.

Then Monday night I took a tumble, fell hard, bruised both of knee's, hurt my back and smashed my elbows.  I'm a bruised mess.  I went to my sports doctor for my regular treatment on my ankle and she is concerned.  Where the pain is in my back is concerning for her, she wants me to get x-rays, so off I go to my Doctor on Friday, where he will hopefully concur or rule out the injury.  However, until I know for sure, she doesn't want me to do anything more strenuous than a light walk.

It seems for every step forward, I'm taking five steps back....and I'm frustrated.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rough week.

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me and my running. I've been dealing with a nagging ankle for the past couple of weeks. I was looking forward to the BMO 8K this weekend. 

It is not meant to be. I've had to drop out of the race al together. My ankle has been getting worse. For the first time ever, this week my Sports Dr. Wrapped my ankle on Tuesday. She was concerned with the swelling and the shooting pain that I've been getting through it.  

I went back on Thursday and as she was treating me she began asking questions that I knew  weren't ones I wanted to hear.   Even harder to hear as she began to tape my ankle were my options. 

She would come to my hotel in Vancouver as she was going to be there anyway and wrap the crap out of my ankle so I could WALK the 8k race.  It  
could mean risking further injury and setting me back potentially for months.  Option two was to not do the race. Not do any excessive walking or running for three to four weeks and slowly build my way back to running.  

I have to admit. Laying there on her table I started to cry. This was my race. This was the "Race" I worked so had for and I couldn't do any of it. 

I was so disappointed and frustrated. So many thoughts were running through my mind and I couldn't make a decision. My knee jerk answer was yes come to the hotel. What time?  What do I need to have for you?    

I guess she could sense the internal battle going in in my head as she wrapped my ankle when she told me to think about it. Talk to my husband and text her by the end of the night. 

When I got out to my car. I cried some more, yelled a little, I may have even taken my frustration out on the poor steering wheel. 

When I got home I took a picture of my wrapped ankle and texted it to my husband. He called me as soon as he got it to ask if I was alright. I started to give him what my options were and as I was taking to him I knew what I had to do. 

I texted the Dr.  And told her that common sense and my husband had prevailed.  We were still going to go to the race.  However,  I'm going to be the best darned spectator I can be. 

So if you're running in the Vancouver BMO Marathon, half Marathon or 8K. Look for the lady wearing red around Pender and Jervis. That will be me cheering, clapping and holding my signs up!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hard Decisions

It is said that if a decision is hard to make, it's a decision worth making. The Vancouver BMO half Marathon is under a month away and I faced a hard decision about it.

I came down with bronchitis in mid February. Up until that point my training was on track. I was feeling good about my pace. I was feeling good about my runs. I was feeling good all around. 

It took a round of powerful antibiotics in order to start feeling better. However my training fell behind. I didn't run for almost three weeks  When I did get back out there it was slow. I couldn't run for more than a minute or two without coughing my lungs out. It was not good. It still isn't the greatest. 

After last week's blog post I had several comments and a few emails from reader's encouraging me to continue on.  I posted a link to my blog on my facebook page and some of my running friends messaged me.  They were concerned for me and how I was doing, and the expectations I was putting on myself.  I had 10 miles on my training plan for last weekend and come Monday morning,  I hadn't run them at all.  I was trying to get the umption in my gumption to get out there and start my run when I got a text from my friend and running mentor Jill.  We were texting back and forth for a few minutes when she called me.

The words she said helped me face the decision I knew I had to make but I didn't want to.  After talking to Jill I realized what I had to do.  I hung up from her and went through to the office where my husband was working and told him.  "I'm down grading my BMO to the 8K."   I knew he would be supportive of whatever decision I made and I knew that he had been concerned about me being able to do the half marathon with how bad my breathing was.

Once I made that decision, I felt a huge sense of relief.  I knew I was putting pressure on myself to do the half marathon because I had set that as a goal for myself, and I don't like giving up on goals.  However reality had set in. 

1. My lungs couldn't handle the pressure I was putting on them by trying to race.
2. Because I had to take so many walking breaks my pace was in the 21 minute a mile range.  You have to be stay under 18 minutes a mile or you get swept off of the course.
3. My training was over a month behind,  I was risking injury if I did race the half marathon
4. I would have been miserable and it would not have been a good experience.

Although they are all good reasons for doing the 8K instead of the half marathon, number 4 makes the most sense.  I want my first half marathon to be a good experience, I don't want it to be horrible and I quit running or choose never to challenge myself with another one.  I also need to be able to train properly for it.

It wasn't an easy decision for me to make, it was a hard one, and once I made it, I immediately signed onto the participant dashboard and changed my race.  Once it was done, it was done and I felt such a tremendous amount of relief.  I went for my run after making the decision and the run was fun, I wasn't worried about miles, I was just running and trying to control my breathing.  I did pretty good.  I was still coughing but I felt good.   

I know I've made the right decisionAs a result, my first half marathon will be the Rock'n'Roll Vancouver half marathon on October 29th.  I will be running it with Jill and perhaps a few other friends, and it promises to be a great experience.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Getting "me" out of my head.

I've been struggling this week. Struggling with my running. Struggling with staying on plan. Just struggling.  I've made some pretty poor food choices and I've made some bad decisions in general. I didn't go to run clinic on Thursdsy. I had a bad day, had a headache was frustrated and running late so instead of making myself pick up the pace and getting there I gave myself permission not to go. 

Part of my reason for not getting there was the dog. Yes the dog. After I was done work I took him for a walk around the big block, 3K and on our way back across the green space at the top of the complex he did something he has never done before. He dropped onto his back and rolled in the grass. 

I have to admit, I thought it was cute and I did stand there and smile at him As he rolled side to side to side grunting away.  That is until he stood up and I was able to see what he'd been rolling in!
Looking oh so pleased with himself.
Yep. That would be animal dung. Most likely from the new cat that has been driving him crazy. But doesn't he look happy!  Unfortunately Petsmart was fully booked and couldn't fit him for an emergency bath.  I found some dog shampoo under the sink. We don't usually bath Angus ourselves when he has his winter coat. His type of fur is very hard to get wet. His breed of dog has a double coat of fur so the water in general just beads off him.  Forty minutes after his bath started he was finished (I think I was just as wet as he was). The bathroom looked like it had been hit by a water squall and Angus was out on the front deck to dry. 
I'm not talking to you, you gave me a bath!

I have a 10 mile run on my training plan this week and to be honest it scares me a little lot.  My half marathon is just 5 weeks away and I'm starting to doubt myself. Doubt my abilities. Ask myself what I think I'm doing? Who am I kidding?

I have 7 days left to make a decision on whether or not to change my half marathon down to the 8K. I don't want to downgrade but I'm facing a harsh reality. 

Having bronchitis and not being able to run has really messed up my training. I went into training in January with the goal of running 10:1 so that I could join a pace group and try to keep the group in sight.  At this point I'm struggling to run 2:1's. I start coughing and I can't catch my breath.

I had to bale on my 8 mile run last week at mile 3 because the wind was so strong I couldn't catch my breath. I'm very grateful that my wonderful husband keeps his phone nearby in case he gets that please pick me up call.

A beautiful day, however the wind was at 30 KPH

My hat kept flying off my head, even when it was backwards.

I'm feeling very demotivated right now.  I know that's my own problem. I'm the one talking negative to myself.  I"m the one doubting my abilities and questioning what I'm doing.   I have to find a way to get "ME" out of my head. 

How do you deal with your own negativity?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Shamrock 'n' Race recap

Sunday I faced my largest challenge yet with running. I did the Try Events Shamrock'n'Race 7 miler. I think I've said this before but I love doing races put on by Try Events. They are smaller races, a few hundred people but I love them. The atmosphere is fun, they take great care with the races and I love the items you get with your race.

Race bib, shamrock socks and discount coupon
They also make it easier for beginning and slow runners to enjoy the race. The 7 mile race is once around the lake and the half marathon is two loops of the lake. 

I knew by the time I reached the 2K mark that I was the caboose, but I didn't let it bother me at all. I knew I was going to have to take my time as I was coughing my head off as I was going and it eventually got to the point where I was walking as much as I was running so I could catch my breath.  

The benefit of being the caboose, clear path for most of the way.

I decided to take my time and enjoy the scenery.  I was hoping to finish in two hours or less, however I didn't quite make my goal. My Garmin time was 2:08:58. 

The best shirt I've seen at a race yet!
I loved how the volunteers were cheering everyone on. I so enjoy the camaraderie  at the events. I was about an hour and a half into it when the first half marathoners passed me. Even though they were moving fast there was still the nod as they went by. 

The closer I got to the end the more half marathoners were passing me and yelling good job as they ran past. Even though I was the last 7 miler to make it across the finish line I felt really good!  Someone has to be last! (125 of 125)

At the car when i was done.

I love when I'm running down the chute towards the finish line and the announcer welcomes you back and congratulates you on a good job.

My cousin Carolee and I before the race (she was doing the 5k) and after with our "Bling"
This is my second time doing the Shamrock 'n' Race and I really do think I'll be back for next years race. 

Post Race relaxing on the couch with my awesome husband who drives me to all of my races.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Running naked...well not really.

It has been three weeks since my last run.  I had an extremely busy couple of weeks at work and came down with bronchitis. Running has been out of the question. I've been sick, tired and lacking the ability to breath properly, thus I haven't been able to run. 

I am getting very nervous as I'm now three weeks behind in my half marathon training. And only 57 days until race day. 

I had a 5K race on the schedule for today.  The Vancouver Hot Chocolate. My cousin Carolee had signed up for it as well. Awesome husband drive us and we picked Carolee up at her house before making our way to The as Stanley Park Pavilion and the race. 

It was Carolee's first race and I'm so glad that she made it this one. It's a smaller race with a 5K and 10.4k distance. 

It was great to experience the start of the race through her eyes, we started off together but before long I encouraged her to go on ahead as I was taking my time. 

We had planned to do 2:1's for the race, we texted back and forth last night. I set my Garmin and we were ready to go. Until I realized half way to the race that I had left my Garmin at home.  This is the first race I was doing naked. And I didn't like it!  I didn't like not knowing my intervals.  I didn't like not knowing my pace and I didn't like not knowing how long I had been running.  

Carolee and I passed each other at the turn around point with high fives and we both continued on ways. Carolee was about 5 minutes ahead of me.  

I started struggling at the half way point with my breathing and I began coughing in earnest. When I reached the 4 kilometre mark I was walking more than running but I kept going the best that I could. I decided to walk up the last hill and the run through to the finish line. I was really happy to cross the finish line and see my awesome husband, his friend Dan and our cousin Carolee. 

Carolee and I have another race next  Sunday. We'll be doing the Green Sick Shamrock and Race. Carolee will be doing a 5K and I'll be doing the 7 miler. I'm hoping my lungs will be better and it will be an easier race to run breathing wise. 

I will also ensure that I'm not running  "naked" next week!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Event week + being sick = missed race

It was a crazy busy week for me this week.  As a special events officer for the Alzheimer Society of B.C. it is my job to plan and execute fundraising events. This week was event week for us for A Breakfast To Remember. A fundraising breakfast with two guest speakers and about 200 people in attendance.

Event weeks are busy and on Sunday after my long run, I planned out my week, meals, activity and runs. The only thing I hadn't counted on, was getting sick!  

I woke up during the night on Sunday-Monday with a tickle in my throat, by the time I left for work just after 6am I had a headache, by 1:30 I was feeling horrible and texted my car pool partner to see if she could leave early. My throat was killing me and the headache hadn't stopped all day. I was in bed before 7:30 which is super early for me. Tuesday I wasn't much better, my throat was sore and I was a little worried. I had to get through the event on Thursday and there was still stuff to be done.   I had no energy, no appetite and when I got home from work I fell onto the couch and stayed there. No Tuesday 8K run for me!

Wednesday I wasn't any better. I had no voice and my co-worker and I were heading to the venue to set up.  My co-worker managed to get us into the venue early for set up, which was fabulous!  We were able to start setting up at 4:30 pm instead of 6, which meant I was able to go to the hotel, and be in bed before 8pm. 5am was still going to come early but it was good to be finished a good 2 hours ahead of schedule. 

The room was set up, the tables were set with programs, the displays were set up and the name tags were laid out.

Doing all of this the night before meant that we wouldn't have to be there until 6ish instead of 4:30 am on event day. 

I had set my phone alarm for 5 am and fell asleep around 1130pm. I kept going through the run of morning in my head double checking details. I was sound asleep when the hotel phone rang at 3:30 in the morning!!  I guess the previous guests had an early flight to catch or something.  None the less, that was me wide awake and ready for the day. I finally gave up on getting any more sleep, got ready for the day and headed to the venue.  I was there by 5:20am!  Oh well. 

I made it through the day pretty well with most of my voice. I was exhausted by the time I got home and I knew that although I had planned to go to Run clinic it wasn't physically possible. Instead I headed to bed. 

I woke up Friday morning feeling as though I had been run over by a truck. I had no voice again and it hurt to swallow.   I called my doctors office and was extremely grateful that they could squeeze me in.  While there I told my doctor about my 10k race on Sunday. He just smiled the way he does and told me the only place I was going was to bed!  He gave me a prescription that is starting to work and I headed home. 

My wonderful husband took my doctors orders to heart!  I haven't been allowed to go anywhere or do anything for the past 2 days. Instead of being at a race today this is what I've been doing. 

Sipping tea and reading a new book. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by the time I go over to Victoria on Monday to help with their A Breakfast to Remember.  Even more so, I hope to be back to running my 8K on Tuesday. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Run

Happy Sunday!  It was a beautiful day today a balmy 12 degrees with a clear blue sky. Perfect day for a training run.  I did mostly 3:1 and 4:1's and felt really good for the most part. 
About a kilometer into the run

Heading towards the 5K Mark

The School is down at the end of this road

I had originally planned to do 11 Km's today. I went to Costco with my husband and then planned in running home through a round about route. I was almost 7km's in when I texted my husband to meet me with some water.  It was much windier and warmer than I thought and my leg started cramping.

I asked him to meet me at a school with some water and I planned to finish my run. However after drinking my water my knee was really aching. I decided to take the 7km as today's training run and hitch a ride home. I was really happy when I saw my splits after downloading my garmin.  The first kilometer was so long as I was waiting for traffic lights and walked part of the distance to get off of the main road.
Avg Pace
113:55.3 1.00 13:55
210:55.1 1.00 10:55
311:10.0 1.00 11:10
411:33.6 1.00 11:34
511:07.8 1.00 11:08
611:02.5 1.00 11:03
713:55.0 1.00 13:55
83:36.7 0.22 16:27
At the School, glad to be out of the wind.

It was a good run and a great weekend

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hard run clinic

Thursday was the first day of my new run clinic. The other run clinics I have done have been for learning to run or new runners. As I have a half marathon coming up on May 3rd, I joined a half marathon clinic which also has marathon runners in it. 

I was a little concerned because the email that was sent out said that runners should be able to run for 40 minutes comfortably. I've never run more than 18 minutes at a time and then I only did that a couple of times. 

When I arrived at Run clinic I immediately felt out of place. There were people there that I had seen running at races and I knew that they were fast. Very fast which is a little intimidating when you're the turtle. 

When clinic started Phil told us that we would be doing hill repeats. We were to run a warm up along the same path I took with my last clinic. 

We started out as a group walking up to the top of the road and then across the street. We started running right away and I immediately fell way behind. By the time I reached the end of the arena the group had rounded the far corner and were out of sight. 

As I know the area I cut through a parking lot and headed up to the intersection where I knew they would go past to where we were going to do the hill repeats. When I got there the last of the group were already crossing the intersection. A couple of people called to me as we headed down the hill. 

I already knew I was probably in over my head. Once I joined everyone we started doing drills. I hadn't done these drills before and I didn't know them. The two people leading the group were great at explaining them. 

When it was time to start the hill repeats there were three starting points. One for the fast runners (the furthest distance) one for the regular runners and the there was my starting point. 

I appreciate that the leader was taking my speed into consideration but even with a huge head start, I was still far behind the others.  I hate knowing that everyone else was waiting for me to finish. I don't want to make people wait for me, I don't like it at all. 

Run clinic was a humbling experience. I had in my head that I was doing well with my running but this was a wake up call. 

I went home feeling disappointed with myself, with the fact that I'm not doing nearly as well as I thought I was doing. 

I still feel that I'm in over my head with this clinic. However, I'm going to try again next week. If I still feel out of my element I'll see if I can switch over to the 10K clinic but I'll follow the distance plan for long runs. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New shoes, a busy week and a short run.

It's been a busy week. It's amazing how quickly time flies!  It was BC family day on Monday so I had the day off work. After doing some running around I found myself at Peninsula Runners to exchange the new shoes that weren't fitting right. Janet was there and she found a pair of shoes that felt pretty good. She also noticed when she was watching me walking around that my right foot seems to be pronating slightly. She thought that could be the reason my knee is giving me issues. She suggested I go to have it seen about, so I have an appointment on Saturday.
Shiny new shoes ready for their first run

I ended up working a 12 hour day on Tuesday so I didn't manage to get my run  in. After work today, although it was the last thing I wanted to do I headed up to the gym to get in a short run with my new shoes.  It was extremely busy but I managed to snag a treadmill. 

I varied my running speed and managed to run a few minutes at 4.1mph. I was so happy to hit that goal today. Not once but twice while running 2:1's. (2min running 1 minute walking). For the first time since I started using the treadmill I managed to run a mile in under 18 minutes!

I loved hitting that speed goal!  I now know that I can hit that 18 minute mile threshold for the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 3rd.  I have 80 days to go before the half marathon. I know I can go the distance, I just have to work my way up to it. 

Today's run has given me the confidence boost I needed!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Great support

The one thing I have learned in my weight loss and healthiness journey is how important it is to have a great support system. 

I am extremely lucky as my family has been supportive of my weight loss journey and my husband is amazing. When I went from walking to trying to run, he gave me a run clinic for part of my birthday present. He drives me to every race and is always there just before the finish line cheering me on. 

When I told him I wanted to do a half marathon, he didn't even bat an eyelash at the thought that this was something I wanted to do. 

Last week he booked us a hotel room for the night before the half marathon in May.   He thought it would be great if I didn't have to get up at 3 in the morning to drive into Vancouver. 

We were talking the other day about how I was feeling about the half marathon. I mentioned that I was nervous as I don't know if the route is hilly or not and I'm not sure if I'm doing enough to get ready for it. 

After my run today, the sun was shining for the first time in a week so  we headed into Vancouver just so that we could drive the half marathon route. I feel so much better after following the turn by turn directions. There are some hills on the route but I'm feeling comfortable with them. I'm very glad I've been doing the hill repeats I've been doing.  

I honestly don't know if I could do this without the support of my husband, family and friends. 

Today's run 6K, on the road and in the sun.  So happy to be able to run outside without getting soaked to the bone!  Very glad to have run 72.4 kilometres since January 1st!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Making the right decision

Wednesday night I was getting ready for my day on Thursday. My lunch for work was made.  My knitting for my knitting group at lunch was in my work bag. Most importantly my running bag was packed. 

I packed my socks, my pants, my long sleeved shirt, my short sleeved shirt, my hat, my waterproof jacket and my runners.   I was ready for my day!

Thursday morning 6am and I was ready for work. My friend that I carpool with texted she was on her way and my day started.  The first day to anticipate run clinic. I was excited and a little nervous. I received the email with our instructions for run clinic. Meet at Penninsula Runners it's tempo run day. I was so excited!

Around 10am a headache started, it got worse as the day went on and my trusted way of getting rid of it wasn't working. 

I could feel my head pounding harder and harder as the day wore on. Before heading out the door for the drive home, I took a couple more pills hoping to get rid of the headache. 

It wasn't meant to be. Instead of going to the Run Clinic that I was so excited about, I ended up laying on the couch trying to will the headache away. I could barely concentrate enough to carry on a basic "how was your day" conversation with my wonderful husband. 

I knew that trying to run would be pointless. Besides not being able to concentrate, I knew that running would make the headache worse and perhaps trigger a migraine. 

I wasn't willing to risk it. Several doses of pills throughout the night and a couple of hours sleep and I'm feeling better this morning. 

It was a hard decision to make not going to run clinic. Am I disappointed for missing it?  Of course. However, I know that for last night,  I made the right decision. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting the right runners

remember the first time I bought a pair of runners from a running store. It was a totally new concept to me and one I've repeated a couple of times since then. I love the fact that they know what they are doing. It's more than whether or not your foot fits in the shoe. It's HOW it fits. 

My current favorite brand of shoe has been New Balance 840's. The pair I've been using for runs only are hanging in there but I've been racking up the miles and I know I'll need new ones soon. 

Awesome husband picked me up from my bad run on Saturday and we went up to Penninsula Runners to get new shoes. 

Jason brought out a variety of shoes for me to try and fitted me with a new brand. My preferred shoes won't be released until September so with the choices we had, we found a pair of shoes but in trying the on Jason was a little concerned they weren't fitting quite right. 

Jason told me to wear them indoors only and try them on the treadmill. That's exactly  what I did tonight. I put the shoes on when I got to the gym and started on the treadmill. I was about 8 minutes into my run when I could feel the shoe rubbing on my toes. I stopped the treadmill took the shoes off, put them back on and started out again.  Within a few minutes I could feel the shoe really rubbing my toes and it started to hurt.  I took them off again, adjusted my socks and the laces put them back on and  started out for a third time. 10 minutes later both shoes were hurting both feet. I decided to switch over to he ABT machine to finish off my run thinking that perhaps it was the banging of my feet I he treadmill that was moving the shoe and rubbing it on my toes. 

The shoes still hurt and I decided by the end of my run that they will sadly have to go back and I'll try some others out. 

The thing I like best about Penninsula Runners is the people and service. I mentioned on facebook tonight the issue with my shoes and Janet from the store contacted me.  I love dealing with the store and the people and I'm really excited to start Run Clinic on Thursday !

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Weigh In, BAD Run

I had a horrible night last night, my feet were so sore and I had a really hard time getting to sleep and then stating asleep. I finally gave up around 4:30 a.m. and got out of bed, let the dog out and then wandered through to the living room to sit on the couch. I wish I could find out more information about neuropathy and why it becomes intolerable when laying down, yet instantly feels a little better when my feet hit the floor.

As the sky started to brighten I headed off to weight watchers for my weekly weigh in and meeting. It was quite busy there this morning which is a good thing. It makes for a more interesting conversation in the discussion. I enjoyed our meeting today and I always enjoy our leader Mare. I was very happy to be down 2 pounds today. I was a little concerned after the gain last week, so a two pound loss was a good thing.

After weight watchers I headed home and got changed into my running clothes. Although I was tired I wanted to get my run done right away. It was a beautiful dry morning and I decided that rather than doing 9K on the treadmill I would hit the road. 

I plotted out a course, started my Road I.D. app and headed out. I would have to say  that the first 2K were all right as there were sidewalks to run on but then I had to start running on the side of the road and then onto the shoulder which  consisted of dirt, stones, rocks and grass.
Finally a car that moved over a little!

It was pretty busy with traffic and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I should have stuck with my usual area which has a nice paved shoulder that just felt safer. Into km three and the run was getting harder and I started to feel a twinge in my knee again. Half way through the 4th kilometre I decided to call it done. I called my wonderful husband to tell him where I was and he headed out to pick me up. 

Long story short. It was a bad run!  I only got in 5K not the 9 that was on the  schedule so I'm going to try doing my run again tomorrow. Only I'll plot a route in which I know what the terrain is like. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hill Repeats

I think I'm having a love-hate relationship with hill repeats right now.  Tonight was my last Thursday night in the gym. My new run clinic starts next Thursday, so as per the schedule I've been following tonight was hill repeats. I seem to do ok for the first couple and then the last few just about kill me. 😃

I started out with a brisk walk for 5 minutes to warm up then kicked the speed up to 3.5mph. I did the gradual increase in incline like I did a few weeks ago. I like it better than the hill program in the machine. I can put the incline up and down as I choose so it's easier to get the proper rest segments.  I ran each incline for 2 minutes and walked for one and repeated 12 times and finished off with 5 minutes of walking brisk. 

I missed getting a picture of the machine during cool down as someone I hadn't seen in years came over to talk to me as I was cooling down.  It was as I was going downstairs that I realized I didn't get the picture. Thank goodness I looked at my distance when I started my cool down.
Tomorrow is a rest day and then I have weigh in on Saturday and a 9K run on the schedule. 

I'm a little nervous about weigh in on Saturday after my gain last week but I'm hoping for the best. I've been on plan and gotten in a lot of activity. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tuesday Night - Training Run

Happy Tuesday!

It's been a busy few days, filled with a lot of activity.   On Sunday I attended the Investor Group Walk for Memories, which is an annual fundraising event held in 24 communities across British Columbia for the Alzheimer Society of B.C.   I was honoured to be asked to attend the Walk for Memories that was being held in Chilliwack.  It's a great community about 25 minutes from where I live.  It was great to see the community out supporting and honour those with Alzheimer's Disease or other dementia's.  The age range at the walk varied greatly from the four year old running circles around everyone else to the elderly using their walkers or wheelchairs to do laps in the sports Centre.  I participated in the walk doing laps for about ninety minutes, stopping only when there was someone at our table needing information.  It was a great day!

Cake for participants after the walk

It's Tuesday which means run day.  I headed to the gym after work, all of the treadmills were busy, so I jumped onto the AMT machine.  I really think I'm the only one who uses it, as I've never seen anyone on any of them.(There are 4 of them).  I was scheduled to do 8K tonight, but my feet started going numb by the time I was 1.5miles in.  By the time I was 3 miles it was just too painful so I decided to cut it short and stop at 5K. 

I know it's important to build my mileage up for my half marathon training, I will be doing a 9K run on Saturday, rain or shine!  I've mapped out the route on map my run, and I'll be doing it outdoors come heck or high water!