Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Getting the right runners

remember the first time I bought a pair of runners from a running store. It was a totally new concept to me and one I've repeated a couple of times since then. I love the fact that they know what they are doing. It's more than whether or not your foot fits in the shoe. It's HOW it fits. 

My current favorite brand of shoe has been New Balance 840's. The pair I've been using for runs only are hanging in there but I've been racking up the miles and I know I'll need new ones soon. 

Awesome husband picked me up from my bad run on Saturday and we went up to Penninsula Runners to get new shoes. 

Jason brought out a variety of shoes for me to try and fitted me with a new brand. My preferred shoes won't be released until September so with the choices we had, we found a pair of shoes but in trying the on Jason was a little concerned they weren't fitting quite right. 

Jason told me to wear them indoors only and try them on the treadmill. That's exactly  what I did tonight. I put the shoes on when I got to the gym and started on the treadmill. I was about 8 minutes into my run when I could feel the shoe rubbing on my toes. I stopped the treadmill took the shoes off, put them back on and started out again.  Within a few minutes I could feel the shoe really rubbing my toes and it started to hurt.  I took them off again, adjusted my socks and the laces put them back on and  started out for a third time. 10 minutes later both shoes were hurting both feet. I decided to switch over to he ABT machine to finish off my run thinking that perhaps it was the banging of my feet I he treadmill that was moving the shoe and rubbing it on my toes. 

The shoes still hurt and I decided by the end of my run that they will sadly have to go back and I'll try some others out. 

The thing I like best about Penninsula Runners is the people and service. I mentioned on facebook tonight the issue with my shoes and Janet from the store contacted me.  I love dealing with the store and the people and I'm really excited to start Run Clinic on Thursday !

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  1. Wow, what excellent service! Good luck finding shoes that work for you.