Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Run

Happy Sunday!  It was a beautiful day today a balmy 12 degrees with a clear blue sky. Perfect day for a training run.  I did mostly 3:1 and 4:1's and felt really good for the most part. 
About a kilometer into the run

Heading towards the 5K Mark

The School is down at the end of this road

I had originally planned to do 11 Km's today. I went to Costco with my husband and then planned in running home through a round about route. I was almost 7km's in when I texted my husband to meet me with some water.  It was much windier and warmer than I thought and my leg started cramping.

I asked him to meet me at a school with some water and I planned to finish my run. However after drinking my water my knee was really aching. I decided to take the 7km as today's training run and hitch a ride home. I was really happy when I saw my splits after downloading my garmin.  The first kilometer was so long as I was waiting for traffic lights and walked part of the distance to get off of the main road.
Avg Pace
113:55.3 1.00 13:55
210:55.1 1.00 10:55
311:10.0 1.00 11:10
411:33.6 1.00 11:34
511:07.8 1.00 11:08
611:02.5 1.00 11:03
713:55.0 1.00 13:55
83:36.7 0.22 16:27
At the School, glad to be out of the wind.

It was a good run and a great weekend

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