Friday, March 22, 2013

Saturday March 16th

All right so we're almost caught up.  Two more posts about last week and I'll give you  the posts for this week. I  promise.  Being without a computer has been such a pain.

Saturday was certainly a get our grove on and walk kind of day!  Saturday morning I took my husband up to drop his car off at the mechanics he needed to get his brakes done so we figure why not take the dog and get in our walk during the "wait".  We dropped his car off at 8am and headed out for a walk. I had plotted out a route for us to follow as we don't live down that end of town, I didn't want us going down cul de sac's etc.  My big worry is unleashed dogs.   Angus is a fussy little dog, some days he's fine with other dogs and other's not so much.  He would never go after another dog, but he is a barker, so if the other dog objects the fight is usually on with me inbetween the two (I've learned from experience).   We headed out on our walk and we did pretty good.  There was one section on the Discovery trail that I wanted us to do as it will be a part of the Abbotsford Police Challenge 5k that we're signed up for.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize how many people would have their dogs off their leashes in the park, at the soccer fields and on the trail so we ended up cutting through a cat walk (do they still call them that, the fenced in paths that go between two houses and pop you out on a street somewhere?) and onto a street that took us back to the main road.  We ended up walking along finding our way and we did pretty good.  It took us just over an hour and we did 4.5km's.  A little slow for me, but I'm not sure if it was because I didn't have my music going to keep tempo with, or the fact that my husband and I were talking as we walked.  Needless to say.  We had great quality time together with the occasional funny moment as Angus discovered new scents and new ways to walk along the retaining walls sidewalk.

The car wasn't ready when we got back to the mechanics so home we went to drop off Angus and then continue on our weekly chores.  One of the chores that we needed to do was go down to the grocery store near our house for some basics like milk and bread.  However once we were finished with Costco, we were both tired and honestly I just wanted to sit with my heating pad for a while so we decided to by pass the grocery store.

A couple of hours later, I realized that we needed milk, it still wasn't raining out (although it was threatening). So I grabbed an umbrealla, a bag and decided to walk to the store to pick up the bits and pieces that we needed.  It seemed like a good idea and I'm grateful for the extra 2.4ish kilometers I got in but let me tell you.  A carton of milk, being carried all uphill, ends up feeling like a gallon!

All in all, I clocked in almost 7km's and that made me very very happy!

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