Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday Morning Weigh In

I had to change my weigh in this week.  I usually weigh in at a meeting in downtown, a few blocks from where I work.  With Good Friday being a holiday and my not going to work, there was no weigh in yesterday.  I treated yesterday as any other day.  Not overly concerned about what I was eating.  I'm still coughing my head off,  I'm not feeling well and I'm going to bed each night with points left over that I haven't eaten.  I also haven't been working out, I haven't gone for a walk in a week now.  I have no energy and it hurts to breathe!  I've been using my asthma inhaler a few times a day, which I'm not used to doing.  I hate using it as I always get a vicious headache from using it, but I have to breathe!   Going to Costco with my husband just to get a few items yesterday wiped me out.  I came home and had an hour and a half nap.  I don't nap!  But nap I did, in fact the sound of my own wheezing is what woke me up!

The only good thing that has come out of being sick for the past week, is my weight.  I went to an early morning weigh in session across town.  No other choice really.  I want to get credit for staying with the program for 16 weeks, so I need to attend at least 1 meeting a week.  When I went in, it was nice, they have an actual Weight Watchers centre here now, which is new.  They had all sorts of products available and you can go in any time to purchase them.  

I waited in line for a few minutes and then jumped on the scale.  I didn't honestly know what to expect.  I knew that I was down a little bit as I weighed myself the other day here at home but I haven't really looked since.

The lady behind the counter was very friendly and told me I'd had a fantastic week, way to go.  She asked if they could recognize my loss in the meeting and I said sure, why not.  I took my book back from her, took my weekly and sat down without looking at the weights she had written down.  (To be honest, I was feeling pretty lousy and this really was the last place I wanted to be at 8am!)  Well, I guess I should have been a little more interested as I was down 7.2pounds!

Holy Cow!  7.2 pounds in 8 days is a lot of weight to lose.  I'm not going to be worried about it, I bet I stay the same next week, as I usually follow up a big loss with a teeny tiny little one.  I wasn't expecting to lose that much weight though!  I'll take it and once I'm feeling better I'll have to work to maintain it!

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