Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thursday March 21st workout!

It's Thursday!  That means that tomorrow is weigh in day.  It also means it's my gym night. I go to the gym on Thursday nights as they have a Zumba class that I like to go to.  It starts at 7pm and as my train gets me back home aroud 630 it's perfect.  I headed into the gym, got changed and was surprised by the number of ladies hanging out in the locker room.  It seems as though the Zumba class is getting more and more popular.  After getting changed the locker room had cleared out but when I left the locker room, there were about 30 people lined up waiting to get into the fitnes room for the class.  That's is just a little too full for my liking, so I headed over to the Elliptical.

Now last week, I had an awesome workout.  It was easy to do I had energy coming out the wazoo and I managed to do 90 minutes and 7km's on the Elliptical.  Tonight was a different story entirely.

This was halfway through and I was exhausted!!!!!

This was the end and I was soooo glad to be done.  It was so hard this week!  

At least I did my 3o minute walk during my break today.  Total steps today 18,588.  

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