Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Really? I can't get a break?

Sunday dawned and it seemed like the rain had passed, it was cloudy out but no rain in site!  Happy dance, happy dance, after only getting about 8900 steps in on Saturday (well below the goal of 12,000) I just wanted to get moving!  I also wanted to get Angus moving! When we had him to the vet's for his check up in December he was labelled as "obese" we were told that the 5 extra pounds on him was the equivalent of 50 on a human.  So we cut back his food, cut down the number of timbits treats he gets and he's getting in the long walks with me on the weekends ( he gets shorter walks through the week).  So we get ready for our walk. I bundle up with scarf and gloves, no umbrella as it's sunny, my ipod and we're off.  We got to the bottom of the hill and while waiting for the light to change felt a few rain drops.  I look up...the sky is still blue, clear but there are some dark clouds on the horizon.  We head across the street, and up onto the freeway overpass to get to where I want us to be walking on this fine day and low and behold as get to the next light we're getting rained on.  No umbrella, the blue sky behind us and a dark cloud right above us, at this point the wind picks up so now as we start walking down the country road it's windy, raining and now...glory of all glories...comes the hail.  Yes hail! Luckily it was just a really quick blast of freezing cold hail but looking at my poor dog you'd think I was torturing him.  His head was hanging so low that I swear his nose was touching the ground.  Look across the freeway to where we've just come from and what do I see?

Blue clouds over our house, and nothing but rain clouds heading for us!

None the less we kept on plugging, turned around at the golf course and headed back towards home.  Once we passed over the freeway we were again in the land of blue skies and sunshine.  It was easy to keep going along our walk and we actually enjoyed the morning.  By the time we made it back past the conference centre (the building in the picture above) Angus was quite happy to slow down and smell some boulders.  He does this so that he gets a break from walking and I can assure you he stopped at every boulder along the confrence centre, as well as every bench and bus stop.

All in all it was a great walk,   5.06Km's in 1:11:26.  I'm happy with that, my goal is get under 1 hour for a 5km walk.

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