Friday, March 15, 2013

Saturday March 10th

What a gorgeous day!  So different from last Saturday!   The sun was shining today, not a cloud in the clear blue sky!  My goal today was to walk for an hour. I used my tools and plotted out a route that I thought would take me and the dog an hour to do.  The key though was the pick up at the end of the walk.  I wanted to go walking in the country and with that it's not so easy to know where to turn around and head back. 

My husband was taking my car for an oil change so he agreed that he would pick the dog and I up at or around the 1 hour mark. 

Well wouldn't you know, it was the perfect day for a perfect walk. great music on the ipod and Angus was cooperative (meaning he didn't want to lay his scent every 2 feet!)  We bundled up and headed out, up and down the hill, over the overpass and onto the country road.   This was our 1 hour goal, a little over 4km's from our house.

When we reached this point I looked at my phone and we had only been walking for 41 minutes, that meant that our ride wouldn't be around for another 20 minutes or so give or take.  Our options were to turn around, or keep going and see how far we could get. 

I decided to keep going, although Angus at times had other ideas!

 (as in I want to stop here or go back, I'm done with this walking stuff)

We had gotten so far by the time my husband caught up to us that I had decided that we would just walk to the Starbucks down by Costco if my husband didn't show up!  He was amazed when he found us.  He couldn't believe that we had made it just over 5kms in an hour!

That's a personal goal of mine for this summer.  There's a 5km Walk/Run in June that I would like to do, the only problem is the route closes after an hour, that means these little legs need to get walking faster.  If today was any indication though, I should be able to do this!

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