Saturday, March 23, 2013

Not quite up to snuff.

Happy Saturday~~~It's a gorgeous day here today.  I woke up this morning with the full blown cold that I was hoping to fend off, but oh well.  What can I do.  I went to bed early last night and I actually slept until about 630.  Considering I'm usually up by 530 on the weekends (5am during the week for work)  I know that my body needed the rest.  Usually I take Angus for his walk first thing in the morning but I was feeling so horrible this morning that I decided it would have to wait until later as I just didn't have the energy.  I made a pot of tea and sat through on the couch reading my book until my hubby got up around 8am.  We kicked it into gear and started out for our morning chores.  After going to the butchers for some steak for dinner tonight, Costco and Thrifty for groceries it was almost 11 when we got home and I honestly didn't have the energy to take the poor dog for his walk.  It was beautiful out but I just wanted to curl up on the couch with my book and rest.    

Around 1pm I started to feel guilty as Angus lay on the floor watching me with his little ears down.  I swear he has the most expressive face you have ever seen on a dog.  I got up off the couch and he instantly jumped up and followed behind me as I went through to the bedroom to get ready to head out.  As it was warm out today with no wind I didn't bother with the arm warmers I bought last week at lululemon but I still needed a coat and my ipod.   

We headed out on our walk.  I figured we could do between 5 and 6kms and headed up the Whatcom rd. hill.  That was my first mistake, the hill is quite steep and I find it challenging on a good day, but when you're head weighs roughly 90 pounds and your throat feels as though you've  been screaming at the top of your voice for days on end, it was extra challenging!   We made it to the cross walk, started down the hill and then down the stairs into the shopping centre.  I did that a few weeks ago as I had forgotten water and wanted to stop at the Starbucks to get some water.  Now I need to point out that when we first got Angus and took him to obedience school, the instructor told us that dog's only have a 3 second memory.  I'm calling foul on that one!  As Angus has decided that going down the stairs and around the parking lot is a great loop for us to go on so he leads us down the steps and around the shopping centre parking lot every time we get to the stairs!! 

Now as we are usually doing this around 8 am on a Saturday there isn't generally that many people around and we make quick work of the loop.   However at 130 on a sunny Saturday afternoon there were people, cars, kids and animals every where. Angus was uber hyper with all the activity and was all over the place instead of in his usual position right beside me.   I was feeling pretty icky by this point, fed up of having to keep getting him into heel, and tired so I decided to change our route as we got back out to the main road.  Instead of going all the way down and around the big block, we'd cut back the way we came, do our horseshoe and head home. 

Although I didn't get our 5km's in today , we did knock out just over 3, with most of that being hills in both directions.  It took us 50minutes to get that 3km's done so that alone tells me how out of it I was.  I'm going to try to get a larger walk in tomorrow, but it will entirely depend on how I'm feeling.   I think I'll plan a flat route for us tomorrow though so the hills don't wipe us out before we're done the first kilometer.

Total steps today 10,555.

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