Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sunday March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I had a great time meeting up with some girlfriends last night for our version of St. Patrick's day.  We haven't gotten together in quite a while so it was a great excuse to get together, wear green and eat green food!  Well mostly!  My dish was the Irish Stew, since I'm the only one of the five of us who can actually say she's Irish.  One friend brought a green salad, one a green bean dish, and then there was a green jelly cake, and the finale was pistachio death by chocolate.  It was strange sounding but it tasted really good.

This morning was our long walk day.  Angus and I geared up despite the threatening sky and headed out for our walk.  We did pretty good, we had a heck of a head wind for most of the walk, then the rain came and then once again the hail.  I baled with the hail.  The little pellets of ice smacking you in the face as you're trying to get through the head wind was just not fun!   I think Angus agreed as he kept looking up at me as if to say..."Hey Crazy Lady, call the male human and get us out of this mess!"  I had to agree so I called my awesome husband to come get us.  10 minutes later we were drying off with towels on our way to Starbucks for some warm tea.  What a great way to get warm after a cold walk.  The down side was we only got in a little over 3km's and I was little disappointed as I wanted to get in at least 5km today.  Oh well. 

There was a White Caps FC event at the White caps store in Metrotown today and as my hubby is a huge White cap's fan ( we worked it into our budget for him to get a seasons ticket this year) we headed out to Burnaby so he could meet a couple of the players.    I saw that Lulu Lemon was across the mall and down a little bit so I decided to go in and check to see if they still had their ear warmers.  My hubby got me a couple a few years back as my ears freeze when I'm walking but for the life of me I couldn't find them this morning.

I've never been in their store before and I have to say, I've heard a lot of good things about Lulu Lemon, but for me, honestly, it wasn't the best experience in the world.  Maybe because it's a store designed for the fit person but really, there should be something that even us larger ladies should be able to get.  Considering the way their sales person looked at me as I walked into the store, I didn't even bother to look at the clothing section.  When I asked her if they had any cold weather gear like running gloves or ear muffs she rolled her eyes at me and said they only carry that kind of thing in September.  All right, it's March, and yes it should be spring but it's still freezing cold out.  As I turned to leave I saw that they had some headbands on the wall over by the cash register so I made my way over to look at them, thinking they may be of use.  I found a wide band headband that I thought may work and then I saw the arm warmers.  I haven't seen them before up close, I've seen them in the walking and running magazines I've glanced at over the years, but considering how the wind went through my jacket and shirt on my walk this morning I thought what the heck so I picked them up as well.  Sizing was again an issue, the largest size they carry are the med/large.  I figured they would still work.  I did ask about their exchange policy when I was buying them just in case I couldn't use them; but just looking at them I thought they may work.  I'll have to let you know about them when I actually get a chance to try them out.

When my hubby and I got home from Metrotown and had dinner it was still light out so I figured what the heck, instead of sitting around watching TV I would head out for a walk and hopefully I could get in the extra 2km's before it got dark out.  Angus was not in the mood for another walk, so I left him behind and headed down to walk around the park and back.  I misjudged how light it actually was by the time I got to the park I was a little nervous to walk all the way around it as I didn't have a flashlight with me.  I took a short cut and went back up to the road, where low and behold my husband came along looking for me.  I'd been gone just over half and hour and he knew it was getting to dark to be walking up the side of the road in the dark.  I have the best hubby ever!  Not only did I get a second walk in but I walked a little over 6km's today. Wahoo!  Total steps today 17418!

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