Sunday, January 4, 2015


I bared my soul yesterday.  It was a hard post to write, but I did it and I was very unsure of myself.  Very unsure after I hit that publish button on the top of the page.  Very unsure a half hour later when my phone started buzzing with emails.

I am truly humbled by the amount of support and the kindness of people.  The number of kind comments I received, the number of emails of support.  It means a lot to me.

I write this blog to keep myself accountable.  I didn't really think or realize how touched I would be by the people who read it.

Thank you.  Your kindness while I was baring my soul, is truly, greatly appreciated.

Although I stated in my blog yesterday that I would run sun, rain, snow,  or sleet.  I didn't actually count on it happening right away.  We woke up this morning to snow, it was snowing quite hard and I don't have winter gear for running outside.  It was also slippery, by 9am we had heard multiple police, fire and ambulance sirens and elected not to go out in it.  Not to drive to the gym and just stay home.

Snow at 9am this morning.

I kept my self busy by prepping meals for the week.  I made a huge pot of marinara sauce, for tonight's dinner with two more dinner portions in the freezer.  I mixed together a meatloaf, put it in the pan, wrapped it and put it in the freezer for later this week.  Measured out my hummus by weight and points for my lunch.  Made a salad for lunches, made my own home made Baby Gonach veggie dip, tidied the house and did some knitting.
Nothing smells better than a marinara sauce simmering on the stove top all day. 

Around 130 I was getting a little antsy and feeling bad that although I was being productive I wasn't earning any activity points.  I decided to bundle up and shovel the driveway instead of sitting on my butt for a while.  I headed outside and found that the snow had tapered to ice rain, it made shoveling the white stuff a little more challenging and it took me twenty minutes to clear off our driveway and apron.  I was absolutely freezing by the time I came in.  I'm going to have to break down and get myself some cold weather clothes.  A little while later I looked out the kitchen door as I was tiding it up and couldn't see anything for the layer of ice over the outer windows due to the ice rain.

A layer of ice over the windows on our enclosed front porch.

I'm back to work tomorrow after a two week break over Christmas and New Years.  I've packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, planned our dinner and will be taking my running shoes with me to get a good walk in at some point in the day.  No excuses!

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