Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three weeks in a row...

I have lost weight. This week, I only lost 6oz, but hey, a loss is a loss, is a loss right? Considering my husband took me out to dinner two times this week, and I've really struggled this week with the gym. I'm going to be happy with my loss.

I only went to the gym four times this week and getting no where near the work out I want to get in due to the time restrictions on the cardio equipment and the line up's to use the weight, bosu, balls, the whole kit and kaboodle. I just about threw in the towel the other night, however, I came home, ranted and raved and then just got on with it.

I have discovered the key to a quiet REC centre. Canucks game on Hockey night in Canada, plus 7pm start time = practically an empty gym. I LOVED my workout last night. I was able to do a full hour on the Elliptical because hey, there were six empty ones! I was able to use the Bosu, and Ball, and medicine Ball and free weights! I actually gathered everything I needed and went for it so I wasn't breaking my reps down between changing what I was doing. It was Fantabulous!

Hopefully with some luck I will be able to get in some really good Gym time this week. It's going to be hard getting to the gym this week due to being busy with work stuff and volunteer stuff, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I do have a plan though. I'm going to take my runners to work with me and take my actual break. I'm going to put those runners on and power walk around the mall. It won't be the same as getting to the gym, but at least it will be an hour of activity other than sitting on my behind all day.

Question: How do you get in a work out when you can't make it to the gym?


  1. Hey Katie! I found your blog through my sister's blog last week and have read some of your more recent posts. I just started working out again a couple of weeks ago in an effort to be healthier since I'll be turning the big 4-0 this year. Reading your blog encourages me to keep at it, so thanks!

    I workout on my Wii Fit pretty much every day since I don't live near a gym. But besides that, I fit in little exercises all day long. My current favorite is to do leg exercises while I'm brushing my teeth. You're standing there anyway so you might as well multi-task, right? :) I also have some free weights that I leave out where I can see them and when I have free moments I'll do a few reps.

  2. Thanks Sonya, I just have to get over the gym being so darned busy right now. Thanks for the tips.