Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oops I did it again...

well, not really oops, but I heard that song today and it stuck in my head. Thursdays are the nights when I work until 7pm. I had a plan, I took my workout gear with me to work, and I was sure that I would make it to the gym, to rock out another work out.

Boy! Did I ever rock out that workout. When I first arrived my beloved elliptical section was full, not a one to be had so I continued over to the Cardio side of the centre. I said "HI" to one of the guys from work who was on a machine and selected the stairclimber. It's been a very long time since I used one but I was confident I could knock out at least a couple of minutes on it Well by minute three I thought my legs were going to fall of and my lungs were on fire, but the guy from work kept looking over at me with that "what the heck are you doing look" so I was determined to stay on the darned thing. I lasted 10 respectable minutes before I moved on, a quick glance showed me that the Ellipticals were all still in use so onto the treadmill I went, rolling hills program at 3mph for 30 minutes.

Then I did it! I went back into the weight section! Wahoo, I walked up to the machines as though I owned them and I worked them hard! I was very proud of myself, I even asked one guy if he was actually going to use the lat pull down or was he taking an extended rest. He actually got up and went over to sit on the floor! WAHOO!

As I was finished my weight program, I noticed two ellipticals were available. I figured if I was meant to do the Elliptical tonight, by the time I got all the way across to the other side and one was still available I would just have to hop on.

Well hop on I did, 40 minutes later, I considered my work out complete!

I LOVE feeling this WAY! It really does feel good! I'm going to miss the gym tomorrow as I'm working a 12 hour shift between my two offices, but I figure that maybe, just maybe, my body will be thankful for the one day break!


  1. "I even asked one guy if he was actually going to use the lat pull down or was he taking an extended rest. "

    lol, I love that! Go Katie!

  2. You go girl. I'm so proud of you!