Monday, April 15, 2013

Lot's of walking going on!

It was a great weekend at work.  We had regional Run Director Training for our fabulous Run Directors who volunteer to organize and host the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure.  We hosted them in our office in Vancouver.  We started out on Thursday evening with a welcome buffet dinner at the hotel they were staying at, followed by training in our offices on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I was a little concerned about the weekend as I knew that we were having catered Breakfast,  and Lunch and then dinner out each night.  I knew that I wouldn't be able to control what I was being served so I put an action plan into place and for the most part I stuck to it.

When we went into work on Thursday we drove in so I didn't feel like a dork being on the train with a grocery bag full of food.  I took my breakfast and lunch for the three days with me so that I had options.  I am very glad I did.  Each morning I had my toasted english muffin with some peanut butter and a banana.  It really did help as I wasn't tempted to partake of the bacon, eggs, sausages and potato's on Friday, on Saturday we brought in breakfast wraps and Sunday was quiche.  All of those would have been high in points so I was able to stick to my plan and it helped.

I did eat my cabbage salad for lunch on Friday instead of the huge sandwiches that were brought in, but I didn't exactly stick to plan on Saturday.  The smell of the lasagna was just too much so I let myself have a small piece of it along with my cabbage salad.  Sunday was great as I had my salad and half of a veggie sandwich.  I took the cookie and the pasta salad out of my lunch and left it on the table for someone else to partake of.

Dinners in the evening were a bit challenging though.  Thursday night buffet was good, I chose to have a chicken breast and the steamed veggies, I stayed away from the deserts and I think I did all right that way.  Friday was a different story.  We decided as Staff to have dinner together as part of our Run Team works over on Vancouver Island and this would probably be our only chance to have diner together.  We went to a tapas restaurant in Gastown called Judas Goat.  It's a tiny hole in the wall type restaurant in a back alley that only seats 28 people.   As we were a group we decided to do the chef's menu which is a menu that they bring out single serving sizes of different menu items.  I had no idea how to count the points for what we had so I just took the 20 points I had left after breakfast and lunch.  Saturday night was better for knowing what points I needed and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Irish Heather,  another Gastown Restaurant.  I did bypass desert though and felt good about it!

Part of my plan for the weekend was to walk from the hotel to the office and do as much walking around the office as I could manage.  It turns out I did pretty darned good! 

Steps on Thursday, 18,696.  That included walking from the car parkade to the office, my regular lunch time walk, helping set up for RD Training and walking to the hotel for dinner.

Steps on Friday, 16,653. Walking from the hotel to the office, refilling water jugs, helping to set up and tear down breakfast and lunch, doing my presentation, walking back to the hotel the long way (the walk takes 15 minutes to get to the hotel, I added on another 15min's)  walking to and from dinner which was about 1.5km's each way.

Steps on Saturday - 25,780!!! I knocked that out of the ball park!  I started off by walking from the hotel to the office the long way again to get some extra steps in.  I was also in search of a Tim Horton's that was open to get one of the prizes from my presentation the morning before.  Turns out in downtown Vancouver the Tim Horton's aren't open early!  Who knew!  Later in the morning I had to go in search of a store that was open that would carry a specific item as well as get the gift card I hadn't been able to get in the morning.  I also walked back to the hotel and then to dinner and back.  I was amazed at the steps I managed to get in and I was very excited, so excited I actually posted a picture of me holding my pedometer to show the steps on facebook, I was so proud of how far I had walked.

Steps on Sunday 20,033.  That included again walking from the hotel to the office the long way, setting up our Run day simulation, taking it down, helping to set up and take down breakfast and lunch, cleaning up the office and then walking back to the hotel when we had wrapped up.

It was a busy weekend but a great one and I'm very happy with how I stuck to my plan (for the most part) for the weekend.

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