Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A weekend of getting Refocused

Friday's weigh in really threw me for a loop.  I was so upset with myself for having gained that I took some time in the afternoon to go back over my tracker the past two weeks to see if I could see where I was going wrong. 

It was as I was looking at all of my entries over the past few weeks that I realized I wasn't really doing anything wrong, but I wasn't giving it my all.   I think I had become complacent in my journey.  I wasn't paying as much attention to my portion sizes, I wasn't listing everything that I was eating and maybe I was giving myself too much credit for the activity that I was doing.  Did I really earn those 16 activity points?  Yes, I went hiking and we were gone for 2 hours, but was I working hard those full two hours?  Was I working up a sweat?  Was I exerting myself to the nth degree?  Probably not.

I've refocused what I'm doing.  I'm back to measuring, and weighing everything that I'm eating.  Friday night was date night, my husband headed over to the golf course driving range and then we were having dinner there.  I chose to walk the 2km's to the golf course.  I chose my dinner by opting for season fruit instead of fries or caesar salad with my dinner.  When we went to the movies, I bypassed the soft drink and took water instead.  I asked for a tray so that I could measure out some popcorn from my husbands bag and count the points accordingly.  Saturday and Sunday I started the day with a quick walk with the dog.  By quick I mean fast paced for 45minutes.  I'm truly working up a sweat on my walks, and it's not because it's warm out but because my heart rate is up and I'm walking as fast as I can.  I had become complacent with what I was doing that I lost my focus.

I'm refocused, energized and ready to rock this weight loss.  The gain last week didn't bring me down, it made me more passionate to be successful.

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