Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great week!

Wow that week went by so fast!  There was all sorts of activity, a night out with my co-workers, date night with my husband and a good weigh in.  It's nice to know that I can face challenges and come out ahead!

The week did really go by so quickly.  Monday and Tuesday were super busy at work and on Tuesday I didn't get my mid day walk in, but I made up for that in the evening.  I've discovered that I have to have a contingency plan in place so that I can be successful.  Wednesday was a great day for activity and managing a challenge.  My Boss at work celebrated her 50th birthday last week and as a group a decision was made to take her to a spin class taught my another of our coworkers and then drinks and appy's afterwards.    I didn't feel that I was up for a spin class, I'm getting in shape, but to be perfectly honest, my caboose is still much bigger than the average person's and I don't think I would have had the stamina to keep up.  I decided that instead, while they were at spin class I would go for a power walk and then meet up with them.   So after work, when everyone else headed out for the spin class, I found myself power walking through downtown.  I decided to walk to the restaurant to scope out the parking situation and then back to the office to change and get the actual car.  I did about 3km's in just under 40 minutes which was great.  ( ).

Then for dinner I had scoped out their menu before hand and knew that I was going to order a salad with a grilled chicken breast on it.  I had salad for lunch, so I knew that I needed to get some protein in.  Here's where having a contingency comes into place.  We got the restaurant to find out that their oven had died and that they couldn't serve quite a few of their menu items.  One of the items was what I had chosen for dinner.  I had to change my plan and was a little nervous as I was trying to stay as close to on plan as I could, especially considering that I had weigh in under 48 hours!

Turns out I didn't have anything to be nervous about.  The points I had available for my dinner were 22, and I ended up using 16..  That made me feel great.

It paid off on Friday, when I went to weigh in I was down a pound!  I'm only 2 oz away from having lost 65 pounds.  So yes, those pesky 2oz have shown up again, but that's all right, I'll show them who's boss next week!

Step Count this Week
Saturday 13,545
Sunday   15,141
Monday 12,789
Tuesday 9,862
Wednesday 17,218
Thursday 14,748

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