Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Giving up the Gym

Recently while looking at our monthly budget, my husband and I made a mutual decision to give up the gym.  It costs us over 100.00 a month and neither of us are able to get there on a regular basis.    So I know some people are going to say, she's done for, she's going to start gaining weight, or what a silly decision giving up the gym!

But it's not a silly decision for us.  When we joined the gym, I worked just a few blocks from it and I would go two to three times a week, and every Saturday or Sunday with my husband.  When I took the contract for my current position, we knew it was going to be a waste of money but we had signed a 2 year contract so we were stuck with it.  I would go to the gym once a week for their Zumba class, until they moved it to an earlier time it wasn't possible for me to attend anymore.  Then it got that I just popped in when I felt like.

I attribute my weight loss to getting moving, my midday walks at work and my long walks on the weekends.  Add in that I'm doing starting to do intervals and I think I'm doing pretty good.  So yes, we're giving up the gym.

However,  mother nature has provided us with all of the equipment we need!

Mother Nature's Variety setting on the Stairmaster
Mother Nature's natural Stairmaster

Mother Nature's Treadmill
Mother nature's Hill Climb setting on the Treadmill
A great fitness buddy!

Who needs to pay for  a gym when you can have all of this for free?

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