Saturday, June 15, 2013

Busy, busy week and a new milestone!

Well, that week went by in the blink of an eye!  I'm sitting trying to figure out how a whole week has gone by without a posting.  I need to keep on top of that.  It was a busy week for me at work, I worked late on Monday night assisting with an Orientation, worked regular on Tuesday, worked late on Wednesday, regular on Thursday and Friday, but I have to tell you that week went by fast.  I did manage to get a lot of activity in, although I did have two days where I didn't get my regular lunch time walk in.  The two days I worked late, Angus got an extra bonus of a morning walk instead of a night time walk.

It was hard to tell if he was actually happy with the morning walks as he was very stubborn.  I should have done my intervals on Monday and Wednesday this week but that didn't quite happen.  It wasn't for lack of my trying, but rather lack of cooperation on the dogs part.  Monday I tried a couple of intervals and pretty much felt like I was dragging Angus along with me.  When I tried to do my intervals on Wednesday....well now....Angus just wasn't having it!

Every time I would start to run, I would just about have my arm dislocated as he would dig in his paws and refuse to move.  It actually became quite comical and I ended up texting my husband a bunch of messages with pictures.
Intervals you say?  HA!  I'm just going to stand here until I'm good and ready to walk slowly!
Intervals? There's no intervals being done here today....not according to my schedule
Give it up human!  Ain't no intervals happening by me today.  I'm too busy sniffing.
It took us 45 minutes to do a loop that normally takes us about 25 minutes.  I couldn't believe that I walked half the distance 2.5km's in almost the same time as I did my 5k on the weekend. 

I was so frustrated with him by the time we got home that it was either laugh or cry.  Then we got to the door to come in, I took off his leash as I always do as we get to the door and what does he do?  He takes off, full speed running like a bat out of heck around the green space.  I only got him into the house by yelling milk bone!  He'll always come in for a milk bone, but then what does he do once in he's in the house, he goes zooming through the house, in a figure out, through the bedroom, down the stairs, up the stairs into the living room and back to the bedroom.  He did that for almost 5 minutes!

When I came out of the shower, this what I found;
Passed out cold, he didn't eve wake up when I left for work 20 minutes later.
This did make me decide that when I'm going to do my interval's the dog will stay home, I'll do my interval session and then I'll take him for his walk.

Friday was weigh in day and I hit another milestone!  I've lost 60.4 pounds in 23 weeks!!!  I know I shouldn't put a time goal on losing weight, but I'm feeling confidant enough to say that I hope to hit 75pounds by August 15.  That's 8 weeks away and at 2 pounds per week, I believe that's an attainable goal for me to hit.  I'll just have to wait to see how it goes.

Steps this week:
Sunday           14,552
Monday          13,100
Tuesday          10,150
Wednesday     14,371
Thursday        14,575
Friday             15,249


  1. WOW, great job on your weight loss so far!!!! Also: your dog is adorable. :-)

    1. Thank you! Angus is adorable, and he knows it! LOL! Have a great day.