Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fabulous Weekend

Happy Victoria Day!  It as been a fabulous extended weekend which is closing out all to fast, but I managed to jam it packed full of activity!

On Saturday my husband had a White Caps game to go to and I decided that I would go into town with him and while he was at the game, I would walk around.  I often walk the same loop during my mid day walk from the office so I was excited to get out and explore a little bit.  It was a great walk!  I had a great time and I managed to get 8.37k's in.   I had to add a couple of loops in as I was walking because it didn't take me as long to walk from the waterfront to the Stadium as I anticipated.   Along the way, I took in the sights and sounds of the city

The tourists watching the sea planes leaving from the Convention Centre
The lovely fluffy clouds above the buildings.

 A Church Steeple high above the street

Terry Fox Plaza outside the stadium where I waited for my husband

The game is over as the crowd starts to fill the plaza.

Once my husband found me we decided to walk down to Gastown and go to a restaurant that I had gone to with my co-workers.  We enjoyed the Chef Selection tapas menu and then headed home from a long day of activity.

On Sunday morning, I wanted to get out and get another long walk in, the 8k's from Saturday wasn't enough so I got ready and headed out with the dog.  About 20 minutes later my husband came along and picked us up.  I guess I didn't tell him I was doing a long walk...oops.  We went for our Sunday morning ritual to Tim Horton's for his treat and headed back home.  As we were driving along, I asked my awesome husband to let me out so that I could finish my 5km walk.  I watched as he and Angus drove away with Angus barking out the back window at me.

I started out at a pretty good pace and was moving quickly along when I noticed the sky got a little darker than it had been.  I glanced up skywards to see the rain coming, and here I was without a jacket.

The rain cloud was hovering over where I was heading to, so I quickened my pace and set out to see how quickly I could get home.   I lucked out.  I made it onto my street just as the rain started to fall.    The rain didn't stick around long and after dinner we headed out for what has become our after dinner ritual.  A walk around the block.

Today I was heading over to my parent's house to plant some stuff that my mom had gotten for mother's day.  They live about 7.5km's from our house, my husband that may be a little too far for the dog to walk so he dropped us off at the half way point.  We made it to mom and dad's almost 4 km's away in 41minutes!  I was happy with that considering we had a monster hill to walk up!

All in all, it was a great weekend with almost 15km's walked.  I'll take that!

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