Sunday, May 19, 2013

A zipped up jacket.

Friday was weigh in day and I was really looking forward to going to  my weigh in.   I had a busy morning with a couple of meetings and Interviews so the morning went quite quickly and before I knew it, it was time to head out.    A quick glance out the window showed dark rain clouds hovering and I knew that the rain would start to fall at any time.  I grabbed my windbreaker and zipped it up with out thinking and was halfway down the stairs to the street when I realized, I had zipped up my windbreaker! 

I realize to most people, this is an every day occurrence, you put a jacket on and zip it up and away you go.  However, I was given this jacket two years ago for being a part of the Run for the Cure committee in Abbotsford.  I ordered the largest size that was offered and when it came it was too small.  It didn't meet in the middle let alone zip up.  In fact, I hadn't really worn it all that often because it didn't zip up. 

However a few weeks ago, it was threatening to rain so I grabbed it from the coat rack as I headed out for the drive to the train.  It was too warm for my regular rain jacket so I grabbed that one instead.  The rain never developed so I never actually put it on, I just hung it up on my coat rack in my office.  That's the only reason I had it hanging in my office.  So not only was I wearing a jacket that I hadn't worn very often but I actually zipped it up.

This gave me an extra little bounce in my step as I headed for my weight watchers meeting.  When I arrived it wasn't very busy yet so I didn't even have to wait for my weigh in.  I took off my shoes and jacket and stood on the scale and was thrilled to see that I had lost 3.4 pounds!  20 weeks into my weigh loss journey and I'm doing great!  I have had a couple of weeks with a minuscule losses but I'm doing fabulous!

What a great way to end such a great week! 

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  1. I had a similar moment recently with a jacket & was so excited! Then I started trying on all my other jackets & coats -- HUGE! So now not only does an old jacket fit, I get to buy new ones in the winter. ;-) Shopping!!

    Congrats on the loss!