Saturday, March 12, 2011

Headache Free!

Yeah! I have finally been able to go three whole days without getting a headache. The type of headache that feels as though there is a metal band wrapped around my head and someone is pulling on it as hard as they can. This is a good thing! A very, very, very good thing. I feel so much better. I can concentrate again, I can think without the cast of Riverdance stomping away in my head. Now the bad news. I went to Toronto last week and as I was walking off the plane I've wrenched my left knee. The pain has been pretty incredible. Heat and Ice are my friends...again! However, it's been over a week now, the leg still hurts but I'm aching to get back into the gym. I will go to the gym in the morning and I will work out. I'll let my leg guide me. I may have to get back in the water but at least I'll be moving again! Hip Hip HOORAY!

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