Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Body over all...

My body has taken over, went to the doctor and I have torn a muscle in my knee and my calf. I start my physio tomorrow morning at 7am. I tell ya, I think there is a conspiracy out there with my name on it and I've had it. The frustration level is through the roof as the Dr. doesn't want me in the water for at least a week so that the muscles can heal....argghhh, arrggghhh, arrrgghhh!


  1. :(

    I hope you heal all over soon!

  2. oh Darn. When stuff like this happens to me, I tell myself this is simply a test to see how tough I really am..... blargh, scratch that, it simply sucks.... lol

    Hope you are healed up, healthy and back at it very soon Katie :)