Friday, December 6, 2013

New Job, New Challenges.

I started my new job this week,  I've been interviewing for different positions since my contract ended back in August and this week I started my new job with the Alzheimer's Society of B.C.   It's a little further out from my old job so the one thing that I do have to do is hustle.  Depending on when my train gets into the waterfront station, I have 20 minutes to make the trip to my new office.  I have to grab the Canada Line Skytrain, go 4 exits and then get off, come above ground walk one block down and then 5 blocks across.  Getting to work is all right.  I'm not really concerned if I end up being a minute or two late every now and then.  However, when I'm heading home at night, I only have that 20 minute window.  If I end up missing my regular train, I have to wait almost an hour for the next one, which will suck.

I was proud of my self today, when I left the office, I decided to walk a block and run a block, alternating until I reached the street where the sky train station is located.  Yes, I ran!  This time last year I wasn't walking the few blocks to my office because of the effort, and today I ran!  What a difference 11 months and almost 75 pounds make! 

Although I'm now working back in Vancouver, my new office is too far away from my old meeting place.  I also can no longer go to the Friday morning meetings in Abbotsford.  I've really enjoyed the people and the leader at those meetings and I'm going to miss them.  There may be the occasional Friday that I can drop in on, but it looks as though I'll now be attending Saturday morning meetings.

I'll be going to my first Saturday morning weigh in tomorrow, however I can't stay for the meeting.  My husband and I are participating in the Santa Shuffle 5k walk/run to support the Salvation Army.

When we registered for the race, our only hope was that it not be raining as hard as it was last year.  Last year it was so wet, and raining so hard that we both decided to stay home.  Turns out that rain isn't going to be a problem for us this year.  It's supposed to be a clear beautiful day, with only one little hiccup.  The temperature.  We've had an arctic cold front move down into the lower mainland in the past 24 hours and the temperature tomorrow morning without the wind chill is supposed to be around -6.  I realize for some people, that's not cold, but for us, that is frigging freezing! 

I'm a little nervous about doing the 5k in this cold temperatures.  I don't really have any cold weather gear, and considering how cold I was at the Boundary Bay 5K back in November when it was a good 15 degrees warmer, I may be in trouble.

I'm sure I'll get it figured out in the morning, and maybe, just maybe (all right I'm dreaming)  the pineapple express will make a sudden three hour appearance and warm everything up in time for the race!

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