Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Week

It was a great week this week.  I didn't run on Tuesday as I probably should have.  I was busy at work and when I got home I was just too tired.  I know it's probably just an excuse but there it is.  At run clinic on Thursday we did 2 fifteen minute intervals with a 2 minute walk in between.  I was a little nervous about doing the 15minutes.  I didn't do the 10 and 2's last week as it was a race week and I needed to taper for the race.  That meant that this week I was literally doubling my run time. 

On the upside it was cool and drizzling, after the fiasco of a run in last week's heat I was grateful for the cool rain.  When we started out I told the others not to worry about circling back for me as we usually do on our shorter durations.  I figured they would be so far ahead of me that them walking back towards me for 2 minutes wouldn't make that much of a difference.  Turns out I was right :D

By about minute 8 of running the others were quite a distance ahead of me and by the time I came to the end of the road to turn right along with them, they were completely out of sight.  I kept plodding along like I do and after the 2 minute walk interval I started running again, only to see the group headed back towards me. 

I do love my running group.  they decided to turn around at the 15 minute mark and head back so that they could see where I was, and also ensure that we ended up back at the start all at the same time.  These ladies rock!

Weigh in on Saturday didn't go as well as I had hoped.  I thought with my 8 K race and my run clinic that I would be down substantially but alas, I stayed the same.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong that I'm not losing any significant weight right now but I'm going to keep plodding along.

On the upside, my run homework today was 10:2x3 with a warm up and cool down.  Well, I'm very happy to report that I ran a total of 5.2Km in 51:54.  Not bad for walking a warm up and cool down and stopping for the lights :D

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