Thursday, March 27, 2014

Run Clinic Support

I joined a running clinic in January, my awesome husband bought it for me for my Birthday/Christmas present.  I started out with the walk to run clinic, and back when we went from walking to running.  I did pretty good, I had been at the running for a minute level for several months as I tried to teach myself how to run.  In March we switched over to the learn to run 5k/10k clinic.

It was a new group of people in the clinic with the exception of one lady who had been in my previous clinic.  The degree of experience ranged from myself (newbie) to experienced (half marathoner recovering from an injury).  The first week we did 1:1's and it was all right, the following week we ran for 2minutes at a time and that was hard.  Last week we did 2:1's again (run for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute) ten times.    It was hard work and I struggled to get through it but I was happy to get them done.

The homework last week:
Run 2:1 x7 on Saturday or Sunday, I did mine on Sunday  I did 2:1's doing 2.7 km's in just over 28minutes, with an average pace of 10:25 per km.

Run 1:1x15 on Monday or Tuesday.  I did my homework Tuesday night after dinner.  I did 3.33km's in 36:18 with an average pace of 10:54.

This was to prepare us for this week.  In tonight's run clinic we did 1:1 x2, 3:1x7, 1:1x2.
I admit, I was a little scared, I did find my run on Tuesday night to be easier than I thought it would be, I was confidant with my ability to do the 1:1's and even the 2:1's.  I wasn't so sure about the 3:1's.

When we headed out for Run Clinic tonight, the group shot ahead of me as they normally do (I'm still the turtle or caboose of the group) and when we do our walking part, they turn around and walk back towards me so that I have the chance to catch up.

I wasn't sure how tonight would go.  We did our two warm up 1:1's and I was able to stay pretty close but when Rick yelled out "Weee'rrreee RRRRuuuunnnniiiinnnng"  I wasn't sure if I would be able to keep up with them at all.  The first interval was pretty good.  I was able to keep everyone in sight as we were on a straight road.  I was counting in my head with every step to see how high I could count before Rick yelled out that we were walking, and everyone turned around.  (I didn't set the intervals on my watch as I knew that I would be constantly checking my watch and I would find it even harder to do it).   I was relieved when the first running interval ended, I counted up to 146 doing 1Mississippi, 2Mississippi, etc.  and I found it hard.   I mean hard!

When the next interval started I knew that I was going to lose sight of the group as we turn onto a side street a little ways down.  I was still counting in my head and had lost sight of the group as I was still going straight and they had turned.  I was getting pretty close to the 145 again when I heard Rick's voice yelling that we were walking.  I was so relieved to hear him say that as I turned the corner and was able to see how far I truly was behind everyone.  I was a little discouraged at that point.

I know that the Run Clinic isn't a race, I know it's not about distance at this point, it's about the time spent running.  I hadn't quite caught up to the group during the walking interval when Rick yelled out we were running again and off we all went.  The road is a little hilly and I was starting to lose sight of everyone again when I saw Rick heading back towards me.  He asked me how I was doing as I huffed and puffed up the hill, and I told him I was doing all right, while making a mental note to bring water with me next week! (my throat was dry from all the huffing and puffing)  On the next walking interval I got a little closer to my group with everyone cheering everyone else on and telling each other what a great job we were doing.

On each of the subsequent intervals Rick would turn around at some point and circle back to me and then catch up to the group and circle back again at the walking interval.  It meant so much to me to have his support, and his encouragement.  I wanted to stop running a few times, but just the thought of Rick coming back towards me kept me going.  I was accountable to someone else to keep running.  I know that if I had done this on my own, I wouldn't have kept running.  I would have let myself walk an extra interval or something like that.

It never ceases to amaze me, how this great group of people, support each other and keep our spirits up.  When Rick called out that we were on our last 3:1 everyone cheered when we were done it.  When we were done our run and back at the store to stretch, everyone gave each other high 5's.  We did it.  We as a group ran for the longest amount of time yet. My distance totals were 4.02 km's (the rest would have had a higher mileage due to the back tracking to meet up with me) in 41:55 with an average pace of 10:21!

Next week we jump up to 4:1's.  I admit, I'm already a little nervous about it.  The whole self doubt will rear it's ugly little head, however, I know that I'll do it.  I'll be able to do it, because there is a fabulous group of people giving each other support to accomplish what some of us have never accomplished before.  I can hardly wait!


  1. Good for you, Katie! I'm proud of you for keeping up the running, when it would have been so easy to stop! I'm trying to recover from a hip injury and SLOWLY getting back to running. It's never easy but so worth it!

    Just wanted to suggest that you have chewing gum with you for your runs, rather than trying to have water for dry mouth. Trying to drink water while I'm running makes me feel sick and nauseated, but chewing gum keeps my mouth hydrated - even when I'm breathing through my mouth.

    Keep up your blogging! I've missed your posts!

  2. Thank you Linda...I didn't think of chewing gum. I will give that a try on my homework run tomorrow night.

  3. Wow, great job Katie! Keep up the good work. It is not easy, but it is worth it.