Friday, February 7, 2014

This week's weigh in - Jan 11th

So with the start of my Run Clinic I really did hope that by kicking my activity level up a few notches a few times a week it would help get me off of this plateau I've been on for what seems like forever.

I was really careful with my points, weighed and measured everything, was really good at tracking everything.

This morning came and I was feeling really hopeful...but to no avail! 

I was down an ounce.  One piddly little ounce.  It seems to be the recurring theme to my weight loss since August.  It's starting to get me a little frustrated but at least I'm not gaining, and I'm not giving up.  I've worked too hard to come as far as I have to let this plateau send me reeling.

I'll make it, we'll break that 75 pound mark yet.  Mark my words!

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