Friday, February 7, 2014

Missed Run Clinic tonight.

I was so looking forward to my run clinic tonight.  There was a guest speaker from a fitness club to talk to us all about stretching and I missed it.  I've come down with strep throat and I'm contagious so I made the decision to stay home.  My run leader Janet has said from the beginning, if you're not feeling well rest, take it easy and let your body recover. 

Other than the sore throat from he!! I didn't feel that bad, I couldn't swallow without pain and my voice sounded like a Barry White's, but I felt all right.

After going to the doctor though, I knew that it wouldn't be fair to the ladies who were at the clinic.  Strep throat is contagious, and I hadn't started antibiotics.  If I'm not well enough to go to work, I'm not well enough to go to Run Clinic.

I'm really bummed about missing it, but my leader did send me an email with the hand out on stretches that the guest speaker went over at clinic so at least I have that point of reference.

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