Sunday, January 18, 2015

Successful Weekend

Happy Sunday!  I have to get this out of the way right away!  Yeah Seahawks! I'm not really a football fan but you have to support the local team:)

I've had a very successful couple of days and that makes for a happy Katie!

First off, weigh in on Saturday.  I made myself stay off the scale during the week this week as I didn't want to get discouraged or get my hopes up about my weigh in.  When I was getting ready to head to weight watchers yesterday morning, my husband asked me how I thought I did.  I told him I would be happy to be down a pound or two.   I really would have been but I had the chance to be even happier.  I was down 4.3 pounds!    I know that my leader says all the time, if you work the program the program works, and it really and truly does.  I'm weighing and measuring everything, I'm tracking everything before I eat it (which I'm sure can annoy my husband when I'm taking forever to get to the table as I'm weighing my food and writing my points down.)  I was a very happy camper.

I intended to get my run in on on Saturday but as I was leaving weight watchers my mom called to see if I could take her for her shopping.   I jumped at the chance to spend some time with my mom, take her for her shopping and for a sushi lunch before I had to go to a meeting in the afternoon.  I don't know how many steps I got in as I have to get a new battery for my pedometer, but I gave myself credit for 10,000 steps with all the running around we did.

This morning I woke up with a vicious headache and after a couple of hours and doing our own grocery shopping, I didn't really see myself going for a run today.  I lay down for a little while hoping that would take the headache away.  It didn't but I none the less decided to head to the gym to get my run in as it was pouring rain out.  My husband was settled in to watch the Seahawks so off to the gym I went.

I do wish that the  machines at my gym would let me set them for more than 60 minutes but alas they don't, so I split my 6K run into 2 segments today.  I'm still having trouble running on the treadmill.  I get bored quite easily even with my new music playlist, but a bigger issue is that my feet go numb and I start to stumble as I run.  I have neuropathy in my feet to start with so they are already bad but when they go numb it's really annoying.  I haven't had that happen running outdoors and I'm chalking it up to the vibration of the machines.  I just have to keep fighting my way through it. 

I chose to do the hill program on the treadmill today as I have a  10K coming up on Feb22nd in Fort Langley and looking at the route map this morning it looks like it's a pretty hilly course.  

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  1. Hi! Found your blog through Katie at Runs for Cookies! Awesome job getting a run in when you really didn't want to. Those are the hardest ones!