Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Weigh In, BAD Run

I had a horrible night last night, my feet were so sore and I had a really hard time getting to sleep and then stating asleep. I finally gave up around 4:30 a.m. and got out of bed, let the dog out and then wandered through to the living room to sit on the couch. I wish I could find out more information about neuropathy and why it becomes intolerable when laying down, yet instantly feels a little better when my feet hit the floor.

As the sky started to brighten I headed off to weight watchers for my weekly weigh in and meeting. It was quite busy there this morning which is a good thing. It makes for a more interesting conversation in the discussion. I enjoyed our meeting today and I always enjoy our leader Mare. I was very happy to be down 2 pounds today. I was a little concerned after the gain last week, so a two pound loss was a good thing.

After weight watchers I headed home and got changed into my running clothes. Although I was tired I wanted to get my run done right away. It was a beautiful dry morning and I decided that rather than doing 9K on the treadmill I would hit the road. 

I plotted out a course, started my Road I.D. app and headed out. I would have to say  that the first 2K were all right as there were sidewalks to run on but then I had to start running on the side of the road and then onto the shoulder which  consisted of dirt, stones, rocks and grass.
Finally a car that moved over a little!

It was pretty busy with traffic and it made me feel really uncomfortable. I should have stuck with my usual area which has a nice paved shoulder that just felt safer. Into km three and the run was getting harder and I started to feel a twinge in my knee again. Half way through the 4th kilometre I decided to call it done. I called my wonderful husband to tell him where I was and he headed out to pick me up. 

Long story short. It was a bad run!  I only got in 5K not the 9 that was on the  schedule so I'm going to try doing my run again tomorrow. Only I'll plot a route in which I know what the terrain is like. 

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