Thursday, April 3, 2014

Today is a GREAT day

Do you ever wake up some morning and think to yourself "Today is a great day"?   I had one of those mornings this morning.  I was up and out the door early as it's Run Clinic day, which means I'm at work for 7:30am so I can leave at 3:30pm so I can get home in time for Run Clinic.

When I got to work this morning, there was no one else there and as I walked past our "Cool Board" (a white board we write messages on)  I stopped and wrote "Today is a great day".  I don't know why, but I had a great feeling about the day.

It was a great day!  Work went well, I felt like I moved mountains and I'm making progress on my list of things to accomplish.  When I packed up for the day to head home, I was in such high spirits.  Nervous but excited about Run Clinic tonight.  Nervous because we had 4:1's on the schedule for the first time.  Running for 4 full minutes, walking for a minute and repeating 6 times.  I also knew that we have a few hills in there as well, just to keep things challenging:)

Traffic today almost got the best of me on my way home.  It was raining, and at times very hard.  Traffic crawled along every route I took.  The normal 20 minute drive to the freeway took me almost 45 minutes.  When I finally got on the freeway, we were lucky if we hit 40 most of the way home.  I packed my running gear with me, just in case I had to stop at my parents to get changed.   I don't know why I felt I needed to do that last night, but I'm so glad that I did.

I finally pulled off the freeway almost 2 full hours after I got on it.  Whipped into my parents house for a quick change of clothes, say hi, talk for a minute and then I was out the door to run clinic.   Not everyone in our clinic was able to make it tonight, a couple of people had to work.  At 6pm, our fearless leader Rick set off with us in tow for our run.

I know I wrote about how supportive everyone in the clinic is, but they really and truly are.  They are a great group of people to run with and they really don't seem to mind the back tracking they do after every run cycle to let me(aka "The Caboose") catch up to them.  I was nervous when we first started out, a little apprehensive about running for 4 minutes at a time, the longest non stop running I've done so far, but it was good.  I felt good, I wasn't tired, I didn't get any shin cramps.  I did fall behind as I knew I would, but I was still able to hear Rick call out when it was time to walk and as usual the whole group turned around and walked back to me to close in the gap.   It was raining,  quite a bit, we were all soaked, but we all ended feeling pretty good I think.  Here's the route we did tonight.

A couple of people asked me last week to put up a picture of the running group, so tonight, although we were all cold and wet, we took a picture when we arrived back at the store so I can share with you the great group of people I run with on Thursday nights.
"The Running 101's are upright and smiling"
Rick always tells us at the end of our clinics each week, what a good job we have done, we finished upright and smiling and that's what it's all about.  We were upright, and we were smiling, and I would say that I had fun!  It was hard word, but it was fun.    Today is a GREAT DAY!

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