Monday, April 7, 2014

A week for Scale and Non Scale Victories!

Saturday was a fabulous day!

I started out my Saturday as I do every week.  I went to weigh in at 8am.  I had a great weigh in last week, and I wasn't sure how it would go this week, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.  I stepped on the scale and with a loss of 2.9 pounds, I have now lost 82.2 pounds.

I was so flipping happy about it that I sent both my husband and my friend "J" texts letting them know how I did.  I was so happy and proud of that loss this week, it meant so much to me!

After weigh in I had to drop my car off to get the winter tires taken off and my all season's put on.  My appointment for that was at 9am and I had a doctor's appointment at 1015.  Now a year ago I would have had my husband come to the tire place and drive me to the doctors.    So what did I do differently? 

I ran to the doctor's office.  I RAN to the doctor's office.  I did 3:1's with a walking warm up and cool down. It was a great run, no issues, no problems, no struggling.   I did so well that I actually ended up having to do some turns instead of going straight from point a to point b.  The map shows all the twists and turns I did and even with them, I ended up being almost a half hour early for my doctor's appointment.

When I went into the doctor's office, he asked me what i was up to and I told him about my morning, about my weigh in, being at a weight lower now than I have been for probably 20 years.  I told him about running to his office, about my 8k race in May.   He's very happy with what I'm doing.  I never would have thought a year ago that I would be doing what I'm doing so I'm happy too.  We talked about my medication that I've been taking for Diabetes.  I've been on Metformin for a few years and in the past year I have gone from a whole pill, to half a pill, and on Saturday my doctor told me I didn't need to take it anymore!  I still need to monitor my blood sugars and I need to go get blood work done every 3 months as a precaution.  However, for all intents and purposes, according to my doctor, "I've healed myself"    He told me he was proud of me.  A year ago I was on 5 different medications and I'm off all of them!

I was so happy to be told I didn't need to take the pills anymore that when I left his office, and stepped outside I was beaming.  My awesome husband was there to pick me up, and he knew from the smile on my face that it had been a good doctor's appointment.

I still have a ways to go, but seeing how far I've come, and what I'm doing now that I couldn't / wouldn't have done a year ago makes me very happy.

I'm looking forward to Run Clinic on Thursday, we have 5:1's on the schedule.  I'm ready to take it on!


  1. I found your blog through Runs for Cookies. Congratulations on the meds!! That is huge. You should be very proud!!