Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fabulous weekend.

What a fabulous weekend.  The Spring has officially arrived with a bang and it's been a fabulous weekend.

I had run clinic on Thursday evening.  It was our first time doing 5:1's.  I was nervous about it most of the day but kept telling myself I would be fine.  Rick would loop back to check on me and all would be good.  I got to run clinic and found out the Rick has a knee injury and won't be able to continue as our fearless leader.  I got really nervous when I heard about it, until I heard that this week Kobie was going to take us out.  I really like Kobie, she was one of the co-leaders of the first part of this clinic that I started in January.  When we headed out, Kobie kept checking on me and I immediately felt at ease. I'm still the turtle, slower than everyone else but I did it.  I ran for 5 minutes at a time for 7 intervals.  It was fabulous.  I felt so good about the clinic, my progress as a runner and how prepared I'm going to be for the BMO 8K coming up at the beginning of May.  My distance splits were and my pace splits were pretty good for Run Clinic.

I didn't go to my weight watchers meeting as I should have on Saturday as I had a dental appointment that I have been waiting for too long, to skip it.  I weighed myself at home and on my at home scale I was showing a slight loss compared to last week.  I'll see for sure when I go to weigh in next Saturday.  I was originally planning to do my Run Clinic homework on Saturday but after spending 2 hours in the dentist chair, I just didn't feel up to it.

I woke up Sunday morning at 630 and ate a banana, lay in bed watching tv for a while and then got ready to go for my run.  I wanted to get a full 5K run in this morning, so although my homework was 4:1'sx6  I bumped it up to 4:1x9 so that I would be running the full 5k.  My 8K race is only a couple of weeks away now and I want to ensure that I can finish in the allotted time of 90 minutes. 

It was about 745am when I headed out.  I walked for the first 5 minutes to warm up.  There was quite a wind and I was so cold by the time I got to the end of our street, that I briefly thought about going back to the house to put on a long sleeve shirt.  I'm glad  I didn't.  I had my windbreaker off by the time I finished my third interval!
Gorgeous Morning for a Run.
Because I was doing 5K, I decided to run from my house to the Starbucks down by Costco, which is just over 5km.  The first time I did this route, I pretty much walked the whole way and it took me an hour and 12 minutes.  I was so looking forward to see the time difference, about a year later.  It was quite the difference.  I knocked more than 18 minutes off of my first time, and that doesn't take into account the waiting for traffic lights I had to do at all three major intersections!

 Distance5.35km,  Time 54:27 Average Pace 10:10
I was happy with my time and my average pace.  I know that my pace was faster than 10:10, but I had to stop at 3 different traffic lights, waiting for them to change, and I know that looking at my splits, that's where the extra time came from. My distance splits were pretty consistent, in around the .42 of a KM per interval, my pace splits were pretty close as well.

I'm looking forward to run clinic on Thursday when we tackle 6:1's!  6:1's, and to think in January I was struggling to run for 30 seconds at a time!


  1. Wow, what an improvement! Great job Katie. 18 minutes is an amazing improvement. Can't wait to see what is next for you!