Saturday, September 28, 2013

Having a plan and Resisting Temptation.

Last week was a good week, I earned a lot of activity points, conquered the Old Yale Road hill again with a better pace time and managed to do a proper downward facing dog!  I did it!  A real true to form, no modification downward facing dog!  I'm sure it probably wasn't pretty but I did it!  I had a loss this week of 6 ounces.  I was a little frustrated when I saw that on the scale and stayed behind to talk to my leader. I had brought my trackers (food and activity) with me to the meeting so we went through them together.  Believe it or not, I'm not eating enough.  When we added up all of my regular daily points that were left behind through the week, I had basically left an entire day's allotment of points uneaten.  Add in the 58 activity points I earned and she believes my body has just thrown on the brakes.  It's hoarding what it's getting because I'm not feeding it enough.   The plan this week is to eat every single one of my regular points each day, plus a portion of my activity points as well.

I was a little concerned as I'm honestly not hungry and I didn't know how I was going to get in all my regular points plus the others in.  She suggested that I skip the low fat salad dressing and go for regular dressing.  Drink a serving of juice a day.  Add a little bit of honey or sugar to my tea, get my once a week mocha with regular milk instead of fat free.   I'm a little apprehensive, but I'm going to follow her instructions, she knows what she's talking about.  I suppose I just have to trust that the scale will reflect next week's efforts.

It's been a weekend of temptation and I have another day to go, but I'm doing great.  I went to a friends house last night for girls night, which of course included a lot of goodies, dips, and good for you fruit and veggies as well.

I had a plan before I left the house, I ate an early dinner with my hubby, had a couple of glasses of water and planned to just have a couple of nibbles.  When it came time for food, I bypassed  a plate and just took a napkin, which meant I could only take one thing at a time.  I had a few pieces of bread with some cheese spread ( 4pts) and the rest of the evening I snacked on carrots, tomato's and pineapple.  I was very happy with how I did, and that I didn't over indulge.  I drank water most of the evening and had a great time.

Today I took my mom to meet some friends in Chilliwack at Apeldorn's for High Tea.  Again, I knew I had to have a plan going in.  All those delicious pastries and cakes, along with clotted cream and jam, warm scones, finger sandwiches oh my!   I did really well, I resisted the temptation, had three finger sandwiches, two finger scones and passed on all of the sweets.  I was so pleased with being able to say no to the deserts, as I love the items that were on the plates for us.  I ate the fruit garnish on the plates but I resisted temptation and stuck with my plan.  That has made me so happy!

Tomorrow night, it's dinner out at our cousin's house.  I'm bringing desert and since I want something nice and light that I don't have to worry about points for I've decided to bring a berry compote that we can spoon over 1 point sponges with a little bit of whipped cream for those who want it.  It will be a great way to enjoy desert for only 4 points in total.  I'm really proud of how I'm managing to resist temptation.  I'm making the right food choices and it feels really good!

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