Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reaping the rewards!

I have to admit, I am really enjoying reaping the rewards of all of the hard work I've put into my weight loss journey.  I had a few great rewarding moments this week and I'm so happy with how I'm doing.

Reward #1:
I made it up the Old Yale Road Hill!  This is a pretty steep hill  with an elevation gain of 99 meters, that is by the park I go to all the time.  I've started up the hill a couple of times back in February and March and ended up turning around and coming back down.  Not this week.  This week, I rocked it!  I owned that hill, not only by making it to the top for the turn around down, but I was able to keep my pace consistent as well!  An average moving pace of 12:18 when going up hill, with the dog along, is pretty good in my books!

Mid way up the hill, it goes around the bed at the top left.

Towards the top coming back down.
Heading for the bottom!

Reward #2
I had the pleasure of volunteering for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Don't Forget to Check program which launched on College campuses this week.  They are doing pop up yoga sessions while promoting breast health to students between 18-25 ( ) In the email I got advising of the time and place and what to wear, there was a note that a volunteer shirt would be provided.  I've never fit a volunteer shirt before(except for the triathlon), so I emailed Amanda to ask her what color the shirts were so that I could at least try to match the other volunteers on site.  I wore the brightest pink shirt I had and headed up to the University to meet up with everyone else.  Amanda handed me a shirt and told me to at least try it on, she thought it would fit.  Well low and behold, slap your friend, it fit!  I was so happy it fit, as was Amanda.  She told me she wanted to see this great reward on my blog, so Amanda, here it is, just for you :)  I didn't think to get a picture and it's too late right now to wake my awesome husband up to ask him to take one so I'll have to add it in later on. :)

Reward #3
Fitting into an arena seat!  I know a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled to fit in the seats at BC Place for the White Caps game.  Tonight I took my mom to see Celtic Thunder at the AESC here in town.  The last time I was there it was for a hockey game, I was cramped in the seat and felt like I was wedged in there.  There wasn't any extra room and I was highly uncomfortable.  I was a little apprehensive, hoping for a better result today....well hot diggity darn, wouldn't you know it, I had room to spare!   I was so happy to be in a public place, and not feel like I was encroaching on the people beside me.  It was fabulous.  For once I was able to sit back, and enjoy the show, without trying to make myself seem smaller.  It was fabulous!
Mom and I at Celtic Thunder

I know I'm going to love continuing to reap the rewards of my hard work!

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