Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Love Zumba!!!!

When I had my gym membership, I loved going to the Zumba class!  I'm not coordinated at all, not in the least, when everyone goes to the right, I'm the one going to the left! LOL!  I loved going to the Zumba class as it didn't matter if I was doing the right moves or not, I was moving my body and that's what mattered.  Unfortunately the gym changed the Zumba class to an hour earlier and that left me not being able to attend due to my commuting time. 

I forgot how much I loved doing Zumba until today!  I went to the open house at my Weight Watchers centre and they had a Zumba instructor doing half hour Zumba sessions.  It was so much fun!   I loved the music and the movements and the instructor there was really good, showing you low impact and high impact movements.

I would love to do Zumba again, however looking on line for a Zumba class, there really isn't one that I can find without a gym membership.  I found an aqua Zumba, but that really isn't for me.  I just wish I could find one that I could drop in at every once in a while.  Oh well.

This week was a pretty good week, according to my Garmin this week I spent 6 hours, 17 minutes and 32 seconds walking, that doesn't include my Yoga, kickboxing or today's Zumba class.  Not bad at all.  I'm happy with my level of activity.

I didn't have a loss this week.  I'm not surprised as I did a volunteer job yesterday that ended up being 12 hours of sitting, so I didn't get that much activity in.  According to my pedometer I only took 8645 steps all day.  I could feel my feet swelling last night, and my shoes were tight on me this morning so I'm just happy I didn't have a gain from my day of inactivity.

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  1. You are awesome Katie! That is such a good amount of walking. Zumba sounds like so much fun, but I am a weenie and have never tried it!