Sunday, September 15, 2013

On the Road to Success!

After my successful intervals on Friday, I was itching to go out and do intervals again today to see how I would do.  I'm participating in a virtual 5K this week as well, so I figured why not kill two birds with one stone?  Do my intervals and get in my virtual 5k?  My awesome husband kept Angus with him, and agreed to pick me up about an hour after I left the house at the Starbucks down by Costco.  It was a little foggy this morning so I wore my bright orange jacket.  It's so bright that I'm sure you could see me coming a mile away.

You can see how foggy it was, usually you can see across the freeway with no trouble.
I got ready and headed out for my walk/run and was immediately feeling good.  So good in fact that I started running before I had planned to.  I didn't use my watch to time my intervals, I just wanted to go as far as I could with each one and go from there.  I am so pleased with how far I ran today (I figure pretty close to 50% running) that for the first time ever, on my Garmin connect account I didn't put my activity as walking, but I left it as running!

I ran down the hill, to the gas station, walked across the cross walk and up to the freeway over pass, ran over the over pass, walked to South Parallel and then started running.  I set goals for myself as I was running, to judge the distance and to ensure that I would make my goal.  I used the roadside reflectors, or the mileage signs, some telephone poles and some power poles, driveways and barns for distances.  I made it Angus Campbell road, in 35minutes!  The first time I chose to walk this route, I thought it would take me an hour to get there, it only took 50 minutes that time but to shave that much time off by running/walking to me was amazing!

Checking my time at Angus Campbell Road 3.22km's in, loved seeing an average pace in the 10's!
It wasn't long before I came to the part of the road where if it weren't foggy I would have been able to see the Starbucks sign on Sumas way, for reference, it's across the street from the barn that you're seeing over to the right.

The barn is the white roof towards the left of the screen, before the trees.
I was thrilled when I got to this point as I was only at about 43 minutes or so.  I was feeling really well, and still running more than I was walking.  I was feeling so good about one point, as I was running up an incline I was talking to myself telling myself to just get to the top, just get to the top, when I realized I was actually coming down the other side of it.   It felt so good to send a text to my husband as I turned onto Sumas way to start my cool down by just walking to note that I was under 50 Minutes and only had a half kilometer or so to go!

Finished watch time 53:53  Garmin Connect moving time 48.09 average pace of 10:47, Average moving pace of 9:22 best pace of 6:05!

I almost missed taking a picture at the 5km mark for proof for the Virtual 5K because I was feeling so good and didn't think I had gone that far!  It was amazing to think that the first time I did this walk, it took me an hour and 12 minutes to do.  In 6 months I've cut 20 minutes off of that time by walking faster and running.  I feel so good about this, that I can't wait for Tuesday to go out and run intervals again.  Hopefully I'll be ready for the Rubber Ducky 5K on October 20th and I'll be able to run most if not all of it!

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  1. I'm starting a walk/run life in a couple of weeks. The past couple of weeks I've been doing some regular walking, but once the grandkids have come and gone I'll be starting to venture into becoming a runner. I'm kind of excited and kind of scared at the same time if that makes any sense.