Saturday, March 7, 2015

Running naked...well not really.

It has been three weeks since my last run.  I had an extremely busy couple of weeks at work and came down with bronchitis. Running has been out of the question. I've been sick, tired and lacking the ability to breath properly, thus I haven't been able to run. 

I am getting very nervous as I'm now three weeks behind in my half marathon training. And only 57 days until race day. 

I had a 5K race on the schedule for today.  The Vancouver Hot Chocolate. My cousin Carolee had signed up for it as well. Awesome husband drive us and we picked Carolee up at her house before making our way to The as Stanley Park Pavilion and the race. 

It was Carolee's first race and I'm so glad that she made it this one. It's a smaller race with a 5K and 10.4k distance. 

It was great to experience the start of the race through her eyes, we started off together but before long I encouraged her to go on ahead as I was taking my time. 

We had planned to do 2:1's for the race, we texted back and forth last night. I set my Garmin and we were ready to go. Until I realized half way to the race that I had left my Garmin at home.  This is the first race I was doing naked. And I didn't like it!  I didn't like not knowing my intervals.  I didn't like not knowing my pace and I didn't like not knowing how long I had been running.  

Carolee and I passed each other at the turn around point with high fives and we both continued on ways. Carolee was about 5 minutes ahead of me.  

I started struggling at the half way point with my breathing and I began coughing in earnest. When I reached the 4 kilometre mark I was walking more than running but I kept going the best that I could. I decided to walk up the last hill and the run through to the finish line. I was really happy to cross the finish line and see my awesome husband, his friend Dan and our cousin Carolee. 

Carolee and I have another race next  Sunday. We'll be doing the Green Sick Shamrock and Race. Carolee will be doing a 5K and I'll be doing the 7 miler. I'm hoping my lungs will be better and it will be an easier race to run breathing wise. 

I will also ensure that I'm not running  "naked" next week!

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