Friday, February 6, 2015

Making the right decision

Wednesday night I was getting ready for my day on Thursday. My lunch for work was made.  My knitting for my knitting group at lunch was in my work bag. Most importantly my running bag was packed. 

I packed my socks, my pants, my long sleeved shirt, my short sleeved shirt, my hat, my waterproof jacket and my runners.   I was ready for my day!

Thursday morning 6am and I was ready for work. My friend that I carpool with texted she was on her way and my day started.  The first day to anticipate run clinic. I was excited and a little nervous. I received the email with our instructions for run clinic. Meet at Penninsula Runners it's tempo run day. I was so excited!

Around 10am a headache started, it got worse as the day went on and my trusted way of getting rid of it wasn't working. 

I could feel my head pounding harder and harder as the day wore on. Before heading out the door for the drive home, I took a couple more pills hoping to get rid of the headache. 

It wasn't meant to be. Instead of going to the Run Clinic that I was so excited about, I ended up laying on the couch trying to will the headache away. I could barely concentrate enough to carry on a basic "how was your day" conversation with my wonderful husband. 

I knew that trying to run would be pointless. Besides not being able to concentrate, I knew that running would make the headache worse and perhaps trigger a migraine. 

I wasn't willing to risk it. Several doses of pills throughout the night and a couple of hours sleep and I'm feeling better this morning. 

It was a hard decision to make not going to run clinic. Am I disappointed for missing it?  Of course. However, I know that for last night,  I made the right decision. 

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