Sunday, March 2, 2014

Run Clinic Cancelled

This week's run clinic was cancelled.  We've had some very inclement weather for our neck of the woods, and last week between Saturday afternoon and Monday afternoon, it didn't stop snowing.  It was due to the snow that Run Clinic was cancelled, it was too icy and slippery.

 I realize for some people that the snow isn't a big deal, and that is true.  IF you live in an area where you are used to snow and people know how to deal with it.

Snow is not our friend here, we so rarely get any that when we do, it seems as though the rest of the country laughs at us and the way we cope with it.  However, when you go from this:

Saturday afternoon when the snow had just started.

To this:
The backyard swing covered in snow.

and this:
Having to dig a path so the dog can go out.

I think it was justifiable to cancel Run Clinic.

I'll be doing some running this week as I have the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Race to do on Saturday March 1st.  Hopefully mother nature cooperates and the snow will be all gone by then.

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  1. I can't even imagine! Hope the snow clears up soon for you!