Sunday, May 5, 2013

Out 6th Wedding Anniversary

I woke up this morning and posted this on face book "Six Years ago today, I married my best friend, my confidant, the love of my life.  Happy Anniversary, I love you more than words could ever say."

I married my wonderful husband 6 years ago.  It has been a great six years.  He took me out for a lovely dinner last night.  A little restaurant here in Abbotsford that neither of us had been to but a friend had recommended.  We went to Antonio's Italian Restaurant on South Fraser Way.  If you live in the valley and are looking for excellent food, good prices and wonderful ambiance, this is the place to be.  It's a small family owned restaurant, where everything is home made (or so I suspect) the pasta was fresh pasta, the sauces were amazing.  It was a great night, and when we were planning to leave the house my husband asked me not to worry about my points, just have what I want.  I did just that, but the accountable side of me did have to count them.  My total points for dinner was 38 points, I did dip into my weekly points for the first time, but it was very well worth it!

I started with an appetizer of Mozzarella Cheese in a red sauce.  It was delicious!  It was one flat piece of mozzarella, coated and fried sitting on a red sauce that was heavenly.   It smelled so good and looked so good that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Oops.

My husband and I then split Bruschetta.  It was to die for.  The bread was so fresh and the herbs and tomato were fabulous. (Again, I forgot to take a picture, I'll practice more I promise!)

For my entree, I ordered a Chicken dish (I can't recall the actual name of it) but it was a roasted chicken breast with peppers and onions served with fresh vegetables, and pasta in a red sauce.  It was so delicious!  The pasta was  angel hair pasta, fresh and delicious.  The red sauce was light, not heavy at all.  It was so good!!  After the first bite of pasta I remembered to take a picture!

For desert I had my favorite treat of all time Spumoni Ice Cream.  I love Spumoni and this was amazing, the flavors just popped.  It didn't hurt that I had my wonderful husband to share it with it!
I also received my anniversary present from my husband earlier in the week!

He got me the Garmin 205!  He saw me read about them online a few weeks ago and then last week, through weight watchers I received a coupon for the Running Room.  My awesome husband went up, told them that his wife was a newbie and he wanted to get her a watch/heart rate monitor all in one.  This watch is amazing, but that will be tomorrow's posting.

It's been a wonderful Anniversary weekend and I am so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with this incredible man.

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  1. Awe sounds like you guys had a happy anniversary. Congratulations!