Monday, March 18, 2013

Thursday and Friday events.

I was really pleased with myself on Thursday for several reasons.  First it was our office St. Patricks Day party, the social club bought some treats and everyone met in the board room that doubles as a lunch room to have lunch, treats and play some games.  I was proud of myself for staying away from the treats, there was some sushi, some sun chips, some tortilla chips and of course some candy.  I managed to resist all of it but 2 pieces of California roll, which wasn't bad at all.

Because I participated in the festivities, I didn't have time to go for my normal lunch time walk that I do every day. I had planned to go to the gym as I usually do on Thursday nights so I wasn't too worried about it.  However around 230 or so I was just really itching to get outdoors for even a quick walk.  I decided to check with our receptionist to see if she had any mail she needed taken to the post office.  As it turned out there was a package that she was asked to take to a building not far from the office, so I volunteered to deliver it for her.  It felt great to get out of the office and get moving.

After work I headed to the gym as I normally do, but instead of just doing my typical 45minutes of elliptical work, I stayed on it for 90 minutes!   It certainly helped that I had my music with me and that there was a hockey game on that I was able to watch.  It was a great game and kept me going!  I ended up doing 7km's on the Elliptical in 90 minutes.  I was thrilled with that result!

Pedometer Reading for total # of steps: 17,433

Friday was weigh in day, I weighed myself at home so I already knew that for some reason I was up from when I last weighed myself on Wednesday.  I could tell by my feet that I was already retaining water and it was only 540am!  By the time I got to my noon time Weigh In my feet were sore from water retention and sure enough, after the 5lb loss last week, this week I was only down 4oz.  I knew that it was fluid retention so I'm not going to stress about it.  I'm just really going to watch my sodium intake this coming week to ensure this doesn't keep happening, where I lose weight during the week but then on WI day I'm bloated.  I hate that feeling in my legs and feet, not to mention not seeing the "Official Result" on the scale!

Pedometer Reading for total # of steps: 10,263

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