Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday Run Group

My run tonight did not go well, not well at all! 

How bad did it go you ask?  I ended up baling on it. 

I was so frustrated and I know it's my own fault.  I was busy at work today and I know I didn't drink near enough water.  Add to that the warm weather, and I apparently don't run well in the heat and it was a recipe for disaster.

I met one of the Run Clinic ladies and her daughter for our Thursday evening run, we decided to do Downes bowl again and we started off pretty well.  I was quite a distance behind and was struggling a little bit because of the heat but I was doing all right as we went along the trail.  We had come around the ball diamonds at Clearbrook park, about the half way point, when I got the worst cramp I think I've ever had in my life.  It started in the ball of my foot, went around to my toes and up into my ankle. 

It was so painful it stole my breath away.  We had just started a walk break so I stopped to lean against a tree and try to stretch my ankle out.  It hurt so bad I was almost in tears.  I've had a lot of cramps in my feet the past year or so but this was the worst I had ever experienced.

The cramp let up and I started running again.  I had no idea where the other ladies were but as I came up the top of the hill I could see them coming back towards me when I got another cramp.  This one  started again at the ball of my foot, through into the toes, around my ankle and for added fun wrapped around both sides of my ankle and up my calf.  It was excruciating!

When the ladies made it back to me I told them I was having some issues, we walked for a bit and the cramp did let up but as soon as I tried to run again it came back.  I told the ladies to go ahead.  I was going to bale and walk back to the car. 

I was so disappointed with myself, my lack of water and how it obviously makes a big difference to me to be well hydrated. 

So frustrating, but I know now what not to do in the future!

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