Friday, July 18, 2014

Downes Bowl

I had weigh in this morning and I was a little discouraged to see that I was up again this week.  I've gained  5 pounds in two weeks and I dont' really understand what's going on, but never fear.  I will stay the course, count my points, drink my water and keep running.

After I went to weight watchers this morning.  A few of the ladies from Run Clinic and I met up this morning for a Saturday Morning Run.  I missed Thursday evening's run due to work + traffic = not getting there in time.  Not much I could do about it, but we met this morning at Rotary Stadium to go running.  We chose to do a part of the Discovery trail called Downes Bowl.  We set ourselves up for 5:1 x 7's.  Jason our Run Clinic Leader suggested that we keep our running up by starting at the halfway point of the program and building back up so we decided that 5 minutes seemed to be the best place to start.

We left from the parking lot on Trethewey and headed along the trail, under the road and into the tunnel into the bowl.  We took the trail to the right, and followed it around into Clearbrook Park.  We followed the trail around, through the park and back into the bowl, through the tunnel and out onto the road at Exhibition Park where we followed the path around the BMX track, and the baseball field.  Then we cut across the soccer fields to the parking lot and then did one lap of the track and walked back to our cars.

I was the time keeper for us as I had my garmin on, the three of us started out together and after we got into the bowl I told the other ladies to go ahead and not worry about hanging back for me.  I would be "Rick" (our first run leader) and yell out when we were walking and running.  I think it worked all right as I could still see the ladies most of the way  and I was able to give them directions from behind.

It was great to have them to run with and it was the perfect morning for a run.

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